Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ever get the feeling you are being taken advantage of? Now all I need to do is pray and figure out how to handle this tactfully.

Hm... Tactful. That word was not in my vocubulary for a long long time. I'm a little slower to speak nowadays that I used to be.

Still need to get my clock on the wall. I had a nail and hammer out this morning trying to figure out where the studs were over the couch. Would you believe that after hammering that nail in ever 4 inches or so for two feet that I never hit a stud??? I can't believe it either. Guess I'll try again tonight after church.

Tomorrow, we're planting plants at my house. A small flower bed, edging the concrete where we can get to it. Maybe shoving the dirt back into the trenches that have been in my yard for two weeks. Never know.

I found this little thingie below on another blog and thought it was neat. Added it to my NTWS profile and will put it here as well. (hopefully the html will work right)

Later gators.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Today, I discovered that the only male I ever was a complete fool over is now registered at that Navy-type website I visit.

This would be the same male who I dreamed was dying and knew without a doubt that God was saying "you've not released him from your past."

The same male who it took several hours to write a letter to releasing years (and yes I mean years) worth of memories so I could move on.

The letter I carried for 4 or 5 months before I could burn it. And then it took over a dozen matches because the flame kept going out on the letter. *insert eye roll*

Life goes on. When I told a friend of mine, this and she said God is getting ready to do something for so much of my past to come up and need to be cleared. Amen.

I'm ready. I think!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I am a demo for Angel Company. I love the stamps. Acrylic mounting vs wood mount is the b*mb-diggity. Currently, I don't sell alot of stamps. I had been waiting until I had somewhere to give a Funshop and now have a big enough home to hold one in.

Their seminar is the end of June in Kansas City Missouri. I'm praying for the finances to attend. The total cost would be around a thousand bucks! Nothing less than a miracle would make that happen.

Can ya say a prayer with me?

Friday, March 23, 2007

YAH! My clock is almost finished. The hand and motor came in the mail yesterday. I finished painting the face of the clock and the scripture on it last night (late). I sealed it this morning. A friend of mine is going to help me get the hands and motor attached to it and hung on the wall today. It turned out so cool. Absolutely God inspired! I'll attach a picture after I get it hung on the wall.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Most of my errands are run. The electric bill is paid. The pressed board for the clock is purchased and cut to size. The material for Chaz' bedroom curtains is bought.

A trip to the commissary for basics and we're done for the week.

It's a gorgeous day outside again. The ditch in my front yard is annoying but I've still got room to put a chair out and sit and listen to the birds.

I met another of my neighbors today. She was in Texas for surgery and recovery the first two months we lived in this house. She's a nice older lady.

The neighbor to my right came over and introduced himself on Friday. He's got a big dawg that makes alot of noise when the kids and I go anywhere near the fence. He was nice and offered to help with the lawn if I need help.

Last night's small group was about the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I can't seem to get my head outta the way when it comes to this. *sigh*

Sunday, March 18, 2007


It's an absolutely gorgeous day. The temp is a wee bit chilly but gorgeous just the same!

Spring Break has officially started. Yah! The plans for the week? In a word, Busy!
Sunday - Church, small group
Monday - Volleyball (6 p.m.)
Tuesday - Soccer practice (5 p.m.)
Wednesday - Church (4 p.m.)
Thursday - Soccer practice (5 p.m.)
Friday - CR (5 p.m.)
Saturday - Soccer game (9 a.m.)

Looky there, I've got free time almost every day! Heh. What to do what to do.

Make my 3x5 foot clock. Yeah, 3x5 foot. It's going to have a 2' clock dial on the front, working of course. Friday, I prepared a sheet of newsprint in that size to hang on the wall and work out the design. Friday night, I did a rough. Today or tomorrow, I'll go pick up the wood to make it. I've got the paint already. The hands and motor are on order and should be here on Wednesday or Thursday. It'll be ready to hang by the weekend. When I finish it, I'll take a picture and post it.

I'm also going to finish putting away the stuff in my bedroom. Rearrange my laundry room so I can store some boxes of craft supplies until I get shelfing to put all that stuff on. Make some thank you cards in preparation for the housewarming we're going to have on the 31st.

I forgot to post about Breezy's day sick and my day off on Monday. *grin*

Normally, when Breezy or Chaz is sick, I have them stay with a friend because if I'm not working, I'm not getting paid.

However... Sunday evening, Breezy decided she had a stomachache after small groups. Of course, she had it on Monday morning.

This is aggravating to me as she rarely sick during the weekend or later in the week. Just Monday mornings. hm...

I took Chaz to school, sat down and googled "stomachache, treatment, medical." What I got was WebMD.

Serve mild foods, such as rice, dry toast or crackers, gelatin, or applesauce.

So, we left and went to Walmart because I knew I was out of rice, crackers, and jello.

She refused chicken rice soup and chicken noodle soup. She refused plain crackers. I chose the jello and let her pick the gatorade.

She slept for 4 hours (I slept for 3). When she woke up she was hungry and asked what she could have. I told her jello, it's in the kitchen. She wasn't happy.

An hour later, she asked what she could have to eat. I told her jello, it's in the kitchen. Not happy again. She managed to find a package of chicken flavored rice in the cabinet and asked if she could have it. I caved and fixed it for her.

When she finished, she asked me if she could play a Nintendo Wii game, you know, the matching one. "Mom, I only have to move my hand to point." Um..... No. "Why?" Um.... because you're sick and I told you no. "Hmph." LOL

She wanted to go to the volleyball game because she felt better that night. I told her no again. She asked "why" again. Because you were home sick and when you're sick, you don't do anything.

One of her last comments to me was "I don't like that computer and the internet because you looked this up." LOL

Wonder how long it will be before she's sick again?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I still want to go back to Japan. Some friends look at me as if I have sprouted wings or horns when I tell them this. "What is so good about Japan" they ask.

Japan, the culture, the people, the sights, the trains. Everything. I can't explain it. There is just this heart-felt desire to go back. Whether to work or as a missionary or to do both.

One of my favorite web sites/blogs is Japan Window. Every day Andy posts, he puts an image from Japan. As he's in Tokyo, I sometimes recognize what he is posting and it's good. Familiar.

One day I will scan in a few pictures I have from Japan and share here. Love it!

As for other things, sitemeter is down for sm1 which is where my counter is hosted from. I didn't realize that until today when I was scrounging around the net. Doh.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


No matter what....

Over the last month or so since we've moved, I've been going through pictures from the past. As I look at these pictures, with very few exceptions, I look absolutely miserable. I mean, really miserable.

And yesterday, I was talking to a friend and said "you know, looking at all these pictures, I don't think I was ever happy." The few that I look happy in I'm playing with Chaz or Breezy, an occasional one with my ex but other than those, I'm miserable. Oh wait, then there's the happy drunk pictures or nearly drunk pictures.

And lately, as I've posted previously, I feel more joyful. And while I'm not necessarily happy, I am content, and I do have joy. When things are going all askew, I may be be sad, but at the same time, there is something in me that is still singing.

I told a friend at school that I sing because I have to. No matter how bad it is, I know that there is Someone bigger than me who has it in His hands. And while I can't see the big picture, He can. I have to chose to sing.

In October 2004, Pastor preached a sermon called "Joy No Matter What" the Wednesday before Hurricane Ivan. And then did a series on it after Ivan. It was good. Very good.

Today, Pastor Josh preached a sermon called "Happiness Theology." As he preached, the song "Joy down in my heart" came to mind. You remember, you sang it as a kid and probably forgot like I did.

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.
Where? Down in my heart!
Where? Down in my heart!
I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart,
down in my heart
down in my heart to stay.

And if the Devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack.
Sit on a tack.
Sit on a tack.
And if the Devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack
Sit on a tack today.

Anyway, I'm grateful for where God has taken me and how He has changed my life.

Friday, March 09, 2007


If you're interested in TAC rubber stamps, drop me a line, I'll be happy to hook ya up! I'm a demonstrator. :)

this morning...

I was thinking "how cool it is that God is in the small things?" I just can't get over the fish thing. God cared enough about Breezy's fish that He had a friend pick up two and "just happen" to have them in her car for 3 hours. If He cares that much about Breezy's fish, how much more does He care about me, Breezy, Chaz, and you?

Work was good today. My nurse made a run to the school warehouse several days ago to pick out a bigger desk, bookcase, chair, and storage cabinet for our offices. It was delivered this morning. The man who delivered it was really nice. Before he left, we offered him a cup of coffee that he took us up on. Sometimes, it's just nice to let someone know they are appreciated and he did a really good job hauling all that furniture in by himself (even with a dolly).

The kids are in the gym at church practicing to be a band. They have a name. They have talent. And they want to serve. Good enough. They finally get to practice together with real gear. Cool beans.

Me? I'm going to run by the house, check the mail and go have a cup of java. Yummy.

Other thoughts...

Yesterday, I ran by Walmart and talked to the guy who does glasses. When he saw the different strengths of the lenses, he suggested a contact for my left eye to correct for distance, then a pair of glasses to correct for near. That way there wouldn't be so much disparity between the eyes. I think the thing that has had me most aggravated about my current glasses is fact I can't really read out of the left eye. My eyes don't work together. My right eye is dominant although it is the lazy eye. When I get tired of reading with my right eye, I can cross my right eye and read with my left eye. Except that the script isn't to a point where I can focus on the words. So... When I get my eyes reexamined, he suggested the eye doctor where he worked at as she's pretty patient at getting the scripts right. Now to find out if Tricare will cover it.

That's all for now. Hopefully, when I get home, my ceiling fan will be installed so I can look at the really cool blades! LOL That will also mean I have better light in the living room so I can rubber stamp too!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ever feel like your head isn't screwed on tight?

I've been rather fuzzy-brained lately. Hard to focus. Hard to pay attention. It started about three weeks ago or so.

I can talk to people on the telephone and have no idea what was said when I hang it up. Look straight at someone talking to them and forget what I was going to say as well.

It's been crazy.

I'm still having trouble with my eyes. A friend from my Alpha class does eyeglasses and said he'd take a look at my prescription. He did that today. Recommended that I get a contact for the left eye when I get my new prescription (old one is over a year old). Then when my glasses are made there isn't so much difference between the right eye and the left eye.

I am cross-eyed. The strange part is my lazy eye is my domanent (sp?) eye. At one time I was 20/10 in it. No longer. I have to hold whatever I'm reading at an arm's length to get focused. Makes reading a book rather difficult.

And... for the first time in 7 years, no child support came in this month. It wasn't much to start with but believe me when I say we needed it. I called to speak to him and he wasn't home. So I called the place where he was and let the kids talk to him. No, I didn't ask to speak to him. I'm not particularly sure at this point what I need to say or better yet, what I shouldn't say.

One really cool thing for this past weekend. A friend joined us for lunch on Sunday. She was checking out the dresser I had gotten for Breezy the day before when she saw her fish tank. She asked where the fish were and I told her that I hadn't gotten them for her yet because the tank had only been set up the day before. She asked if Breezy would like goldfish. I said I don't know but whatever she gets has to be small. So she called Breezy and asked. My friend walked out to her car and brought in two goldfish the perfect size for the tank. She had bought them for her tank at home and decided Breezy needed them more. Now how cool is that?

So anyway, here is what I'm doing in my free time. (Gotta love the digital camera!)

The image on the front of the card is a bella. They are just too cute!

I love the reflection off of my clear tablecloth on the bottom of this. It just seems to add an etheral feel to the card. (Yeah, I'm strange.)

These are the fan blades that will soon be on my ceiling fan in the living room. All hand stamped and the background was colored with stamping ink as well.

Last but not least, this is the picture I get in my head when I hear the song "Who am I" by Casting Crowns. Love the song. This is about 15" x 10" in size. Handmade papers, wire. I cut the flowers out freehand. The wires are twisted to form the wind.

Gotta go feed the kids. Soccer practice is over for the night. Later.