Monday, October 25, 2010


It never ceases to amaze me. It seems no matter what I do, how I do it, or how it comes out, it is wrong to my daughter. Period. And don't even try to correct her. Just stand by for heavy rolls.  Tonight was another of those days.  I had to leave the house.  I am one person.  That's it.  I've been doing this "alone" for the last 11 years.  Without God, we wouldn't even be where we are.  But just the same, lately, it's just nothing but banging my head against the wall.  And I'm tired.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Amazing Rescue!!!

Praise Yahweh!  The 33 Chilean miners have been rescued after 69 days in the mine.  Nothing but a miracle!  All of the rescue workers are also up.

The last rescue worker coming up in the Fenix.  

End of official coverage from the live feed out of Chile.

Rebroadcast picture of the rescue workers after the last of the 33 miners had gone up in the Fenix.

In case you wonder... I took screen shots of my computer screen as it was broadcasting.  Wish I had done it all along today.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Well, moved to a different school to work that is.  But a move just the same.   LOVE IT!

I did have a revelation after changing schools.  If you dislike what you are doing or have stayed past when you should have gone, your frustration does not help you keep your witness.  I don't think I was much of a witness for Christ when I left because of my frustration.  Lesson learned.  I'm a wee bit slow some days obviously.

Chaz tried for a walk on position on the football team.  He's now a wide receiver.  Yah!  Well done.  Hopefully he'll get some game time.

Breezy is playing soccer.  This week is tryouts  And she is playing powder puff football.  Yes, that's my beautiful girl.  She'll either be the quarterback or a wide receiver. Yah!  Well done.

Me?  I'm downloading digi-scrap kits and still digi-scrapping.  Totally enjoy extracting the subject of the digi-pages.  So far I've printed 30 pages  and put them in a real live scrapbook!  Amazing I know!

A very old picture of my Mom.  Created using PhotoShop Elements 6.  DigiScrap kit from DigiDesignResort (Natural Breeze).  Word art by Elegant Word Art.

Chaz and Breezy with Tigger at character breakfast at Walt Disney World. Sweet memory. Definitely worth the splurge in expense.

Created using PhotoShop Elements 6.  Word art by Word Art World.  Kit is from Gotta Pixel (Ephemeral Soul by Designs by Helly).

I love this picture of Breezy.  Although I know she was having a marvelous time in the rain, the picture always reminds me of the song "Praise You in This Storm" by Casting Crowns.

Created using PhotoShop Elements 6.  Digi scrap kit by Polka Dot Chicks (Reflections).  Fonts:  Pea Noodle for song text and "Praise" "in the Storm" and The King and Queen for "You."  Photo modified with PSE Action by Paint the Moon.

I'm off to do a special page for my friend Debi and her husband.  They are such an amazing couple and speak  such encouragement into not only my children but so many others.