Saturday, October 01, 2011

Meet Lily...

Late on the 26th, I got a Facebook message from a friend.  She had found a kitten at the church as she was leaving.  She wanted to know if we were interested in taking her.  She sent a photo of a little gray tabby that was so cute.

I shared the picture with Chaz and Breezy.  They were like "Yes!"  Jen would bring over the kitten and I'd head to Walmart to pick up kitty stuff.

She's such a love!  All purring and weaving and curling up!

After 5 days, she's a little more active.  Into everything!  Last night, she discovered the plastic cup I keep on my dresser with some change and stuff in it.  Sad, to say, it's no longer on the dresser and I have a mess to clean up!  lol

And here's a picture I took of her two nights ago.

Her name is officially Lily.  Breezy calls her Lily.  I call her Lily Belle.  Chaz is calling her "Biggie Small."  I have no idea where that came from but it's funny.