Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I skipped....

posting on my birthday. Yes, another year gone by. I turned 44 last week. It was good. A friend took us out to lunch. Hugs from my kids. Being sung happy birthday to by the VBS crew and sharing it with a gentleman whose birthday was also the 9th.

I went back to work today. Within a short time I was rather angry. Breezy cannot sit in the clinic with me any more in the mornings. The bad part of that is we are out of district and I have to provide transportation for her. It appears that she will be staying at a friend's house in the mornings and riding the bus with a friend of mine's daughter. It disappoints me alot and I know that it disappoints Breezy. Chaz got to sit in the clinic every morning before school and she can't for her last two years. I feel like she's being cheated of that time with me in the mornings.

In other things, last night was the dry run of Crossover at church. Our youth program is moving to Tuesday nights from Wednesday nights. It was awesome. Crossover has a youth band that absolutely was phenomenal last night. The prayer was awesome. I'm going to work the Turn Life discipleship program, greeting and altar ministry. Chaz is working media and Breezy will work check-in.

Well, shoot, need to scoot for now. more later.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another week....

It has been a good week.

A movie...

Lunch with a friend and an early birthday present...

A little time spent beading. This is a necklace, anklet, and bracelet made from golden jade, tiger eye, and aventurine. It's got an oriental feel.

We went to Johnson's Beach for a birthday party yesterday. First time I've been to the beach in a couple years. I'm not particularly fond of the sand or sun for that matter. LOL The party was good. The kids had a blast. The grownups played a few games of Mexican train.

This pic is the kids goofing around at home. They're quite the clowns when they want to be.

And the last pic is one of my favorite pics of the summer. It's a little off center but too cute. Not something I made but way too cute. LOL

I've decided to make bracelets for my sister's for Christmas. I'm working on the supply list so I can place an order in September with Fire Mountain Beads.

No clay class this week because the teacher had an emergency. I may make vases as well for everyone.

I'm sitting here watching the kids practice their new drama for youth. I'm wondering when they'll actually do this one. Our new youth night kicks off on the 21st of this month. One whole night dedicated to the 6th through 12th graders. It is good. Chaz will be working the cafe, Breezy with the registration, and I'll be working greeter and TurnLife/altar ministry. Keeping up with the youth will keep me on my toes and my knees.

My nephew is now in my favorite place.... that'd be Japan for those who don't know me. He climbed Mt. Fuji in his first month there. I can't even begin to imagine having climbed it without climatizing first. Whoa.

About time to scoot. Small group starts in less than an hour.