Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ever get the feeling you are being taken advantage of? Now all I need to do is pray and figure out how to handle this tactfully.

Hm... Tactful. That word was not in my vocubulary for a long long time. I'm a little slower to speak nowadays that I used to be.

Still need to get my clock on the wall. I had a nail and hammer out this morning trying to figure out where the studs were over the couch. Would you believe that after hammering that nail in ever 4 inches or so for two feet that I never hit a stud??? I can't believe it either. Guess I'll try again tonight after church.

Tomorrow, we're planting plants at my house. A small flower bed, edging the concrete where we can get to it. Maybe shoving the dirt back into the trenches that have been in my yard for two weeks. Never know.

I found this little thingie below on another blog and thought it was neat. Added it to my NTWS profile and will put it here as well. (hopefully the html will work right)

Later gators.


~SM said...

Well, Deb, your Visual DNA and mine were a 0% match. LOL!! We didn't pick any the same. Funny how likes and dislikes can be similar (e.g., from you "about" page we have a lot in common) and have it play out so differently with personality!

Hope you figure out what to do with the situation where you're feeling taken advantage of. I'm not sure there's a hard-n-fast rule about what to do. Each situation is different. Would tact be inlcusive of a couple of gifts of the spirit: gentleness, kindness, self-control?

Deb said...

wow, I can't imagine not having "anything" in common with anyone! LOL

As for the tact thing, the person gave a message to my son to pass to me that he would be taking care of the work.

Of the gifts you listed, self-control and gentleness would be the ones most used in that case with me. I've always tried to live kindness.

glad ya came to visit!

Birdie said...

Oh, I LOVE that Visual DNA! I will have to try it.

I'm sending you huge hugs, girl. I would skip the tact if I were you - you'll feel better long term, just get it out and move on. We're all rooting for you and sending you tons of love. : )

ruth said...

that was fun, the visual dna thingy :) it actually looks like a page out of a real scrapbook! and i really liked your description of Love.

in response to your post on my blog: yes it is the Alpha Course by Nicky Gumbel i'm helping with! we've run it several times/ways in our church before - once in my home - & its been a great outreach tool...some of my friends have come to Christ (and become part of our church family) through the course. I love the fact that there is always food involved, hehe, and lots of conversation of course :)

Deb said...

Thanks for the hugs Birdie. Some of the stuff that needed done was completed on Friday. But the moat remains. I'll post about that today.

Ruth, the Alpha thing is good. I can only hope that my brother decides to try the real Hope one day.

*hugs* to all. And yes the visual DNA thingie is the bomb-diggity! LOL