Sunday, March 18, 2007


It's an absolutely gorgeous day. The temp is a wee bit chilly but gorgeous just the same!

Spring Break has officially started. Yah! The plans for the week? In a word, Busy!
Sunday - Church, small group
Monday - Volleyball (6 p.m.)
Tuesday - Soccer practice (5 p.m.)
Wednesday - Church (4 p.m.)
Thursday - Soccer practice (5 p.m.)
Friday - CR (5 p.m.)
Saturday - Soccer game (9 a.m.)

Looky there, I've got free time almost every day! Heh. What to do what to do.

Make my 3x5 foot clock. Yeah, 3x5 foot. It's going to have a 2' clock dial on the front, working of course. Friday, I prepared a sheet of newsprint in that size to hang on the wall and work out the design. Friday night, I did a rough. Today or tomorrow, I'll go pick up the wood to make it. I've got the paint already. The hands and motor are on order and should be here on Wednesday or Thursday. It'll be ready to hang by the weekend. When I finish it, I'll take a picture and post it.

I'm also going to finish putting away the stuff in my bedroom. Rearrange my laundry room so I can store some boxes of craft supplies until I get shelfing to put all that stuff on. Make some thank you cards in preparation for the housewarming we're going to have on the 31st.

I forgot to post about Breezy's day sick and my day off on Monday. *grin*

Normally, when Breezy or Chaz is sick, I have them stay with a friend because if I'm not working, I'm not getting paid.

However... Sunday evening, Breezy decided she had a stomachache after small groups. Of course, she had it on Monday morning.

This is aggravating to me as she rarely sick during the weekend or later in the week. Just Monday mornings. hm...

I took Chaz to school, sat down and googled "stomachache, treatment, medical." What I got was WebMD.

Serve mild foods, such as rice, dry toast or crackers, gelatin, or applesauce.

So, we left and went to Walmart because I knew I was out of rice, crackers, and jello.

She refused chicken rice soup and chicken noodle soup. She refused plain crackers. I chose the jello and let her pick the gatorade.

She slept for 4 hours (I slept for 3). When she woke up she was hungry and asked what she could have. I told her jello, it's in the kitchen. She wasn't happy.

An hour later, she asked what she could have to eat. I told her jello, it's in the kitchen. Not happy again. She managed to find a package of chicken flavored rice in the cabinet and asked if she could have it. I caved and fixed it for her.

When she finished, she asked me if she could play a Nintendo Wii game, you know, the matching one. "Mom, I only have to move my hand to point." Um..... No. "Why?" Um.... because you're sick and I told you no. "Hmph." LOL

She wanted to go to the volleyball game because she felt better that night. I told her no again. She asked "why" again. Because you were home sick and when you're sick, you don't do anything.

One of her last comments to me was "I don't like that computer and the internet because you looked this up." LOL

Wonder how long it will be before she's sick again?


SweetMummy said...

Sounds like you had lots to do over Spring Break to keep you busy without my list! LOL! So good to meet you and read your blog. From your ABOUT page, we have quite a lot in common. COOL! Have a great day!

Deb said...

Thank ya! Its good to meetcha. One of these days I'll add my school reads to my blogroll list so I can find ya'll on the weekends too! LOL