Saturday, April 07, 2012


I've been slacking.  I've barely taken pics with my phone the last three days.  Not sure why.  Maybe lack of subject matter?  Boredom?  Time constraints?  No clue.  Gotta get on it again tomorrow!

Sunday, April 01, 2012


Third Sunday with no church.  Chaz was throwing up this morning before we got there so we turned around and came home.  He felt better after a couple hours.

Breezy went to the other campus today and then hung out with friends.  Chaz and his girl went to the beach after he felt better.

I cleaned the kitchen, took a nap, cooked dinner.  Watched the ACM awards and ordered Breezy the new Rascal Flatts cd.  Hopefully, she'll be very surprised. :)

I'm headed to bed.  Early for a change.  Here are a few of my iPhone pics for the week.  Lovin' Camera!Awesome still!  Can't wait to get all the "extras" that it has.
My homemade stickers made from pages of an old book

Fortune from a fortune cookie that I got during Spring Break.  How appropriate!

Birthday card for co-worker.  Check out that texture on the Happy Birthday layer.  It's the coolest yarn ever!