Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Short week. Only two days of work. Finished up. Completed the monthly report for November that I will email before leaving Martellis.

Laundry is done. Chaz and Breezy are cleaning the kitchen. Groceries are purchased.

I just need to pack my clothes and the car and we are ready to go.

To the few who come by, Happy Thanksgiving. May your day be full of blessings!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It has been crazy busy as always. Between soccer and band practices.

Chaz has been playing varsity soccer at the high school but as of December 1st, he's off the team. His grades are horrendous. The only thing left to take away is soccer. He's not only hurting himself, he's hurting the team. I want to scream in frustration but I know it will do no good.

Breezy is playing with one of the church teams. They have a tournament on Saturday and we'll be finished with that.

We'll gain 2 free days back with the end of soccer. We need days at home. This always on the go is tiring.

This morning, Chaz told me that he had no long pants. He's been wearing shorts to school every day. He has one pair of jeans that fit and two pairs of sweatpants. He wore sweatpants to school today and actually looked good. So this weekend, we'll have to find him at least a couple pairs. I'm so thankful Breezy has as many pairs as she does.

I'm sitting at A's updating facebook and the blog, checking email and just hanging out.

Today I recovered a couple examination books with pretty covers. I may do them all with nice covers and give them away. I know that I want to do several to add to my Christmas stuff to record Christmas memories in. I'll post a picture later this week when I get the camera out.

I discovered an awesome photo web page. Picnik. Wow. What a great page.

I need to start picking up the kids Christmas stuff. No clue what they want but got to find something. Maybe clothes? Game? Watch? Suggestions?