Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm so excited!  I was selected by Jen of Word Art World to be part of her Creative Team!  Jen makes awesome word art!  She's got word art for nearly anything!

We had a little excitement at school last night while I was at Breezy's soccer game.  Someone set a garbage can on fire.  The garbage can was on the breezeway of one of the buildings.  One minute, there was a small puff of white smoke and then it was a little darker.  I couldn't figure out what it was.  AND then, there was the heavier puff of dark smoke and I realized what it was.  I ran over to where smoke was coming from as did a couple co-workers.  911 was called by someone who was nearer where the fire was.  A student put out the fire with a water hose that wasn't far from the garbage can.  He had seen the smoke from the front of the building and ran to the fire.  He did an amazing job!

Today was "Friday" at school.  How cool is that?  Yesterday was Monday and today was Friday.  We are off the next five days.  Going to spend a little time with my Mom, her husband, my sister, nephews, and possibly my brother over the next few days.  It's going to be good.

DigiScrap Kit from Fall Carnival Blog Train (2010) (Paper by Stargazy, Feather by AlbinaD, Flowers and twine by DedeSmith, Postage frame by Dylabel, Leaf by CCL).  Masking Tape by Scrappin Cop.  Font is Waltograph.  Word Art by Word Art World. 

Journaling reads:  "I nearly missed the incredible Animal Kingdom parade the day I was there.  On my way to he gate to meet up with one of the kids and leave, I got STUCK on the wrong side
of the ropes.  Best time I have ever had being on the WRONG side of anything. The costumes were AMAZING!!!  The detail in each one was like nothing I had ever seen, including at Disney.  The “floats” were sort of primative in construction and yet at the same time beautifully detailed. 
 The joy on the face of each of the parade participants above was so obvious.  I loved it!  This parade is without a doubt one of my FAVORITE memories at Disney ever!"

 DigiScrap Kit from Gotta Pixel (From Boy to Man by CVisions and MBatton).  Word art by Word Art World.

Journaling reads:  Phillies themed birthday party invitations and cake were a great start to begin Austin’s 12th birthday.  Friends from school and family played baseball, ate pizza, and had a great time."

DigiScrap Kit from Christmas Treasures Blog Train (November 2010) (Paper by AndyDesignz; Ornament cord by ericamade, Ornament by JMS, Frame by JAM, White swirl by GetDigi, Notepaper by sjs).  Word art by Word Art World.

Journaling reads:  "Arranging presents under the Christmas tree each year is one of my favorite things to do on Christmas eve.  You know, getting  the presents “just so” so that when the kids see the tree in the morning there is the ahhhhhhh” moment.  Christmas 2009 may be the last year that we have presents under the tree.  2010 will have a small gift in the stocking and cash.  I will miss these days."

DigiScrap Kit from Cinnamon Scraps (Christmas Time).  Word art by Word Art World.

Journaling reads:  "Austin, Chase, Brianne, and Tyler in front of Bass Pro’s huge Christmas Tree.  We had so much fun there on that I think it should be an early Christmas tradition!"

These are my first layouts for Jen.  I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to create for her!  And it gives me extra incentive to scrap my own special events with my children.

In the case I don't make it back by before Thanksgiving, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with friends and family.  Take time to remember those far away from home serving their country.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Senior Night...

Friday night was Chaz' last football game.  I got the opportunity to walk him in front of the stands. When he handed me the football that he had written a note on, it was so hard not to just burst out in tears.  I am so very proud of him.

Journaling reads: 

"Chaz’ last football game was also Senior Night. I was able to escort him in front of the crowd. (or did he escort me?) Either way, I was tearful all the way through the walk. At the end of the walk to the center of the bleacher area, we were met by Mrs. Mims, the School Principal, who handed Chase a football that he had written a message on for me. Then Chaz presented the football to me. By this time, my tears had dried and I was just incredibly blessed to be with him. I started tearing up all over again when he gave the football to me. Imagine my surprise when I read it. The football reads: Mom. I love you! No matter what's going on, even if it doesn't seem like it. Thank you for believing in me no matter what. You mean so much to me. All your love and support helped me through these many years. Love you, Chaz I am so very proud of the incredible man that Chaz has grown into. I love you Chaz. ~Mom"

Word Art by Word Art World. Digi Scrap kit by Raspberry Road Designs. Created using PhotoShop Elements 6.

Word art by Word Art World (Kid 101) at Gotta Pixel. DigiScrap kit collaboration by KellyJoScraps & Scrap Happens to Me over at Angel Baby Scraps. Created using PhotoShop Elements 6.

I also did something I consider brave.  Or at least different for me.  I applied to be on a creative team.  Will find out official word later this week.  It is good.  :o)

I was given a new Bible this week.  The Bible I was given is a Youth With a Mission Bible (YWAM).  The extra parts of it are written with an eye toward missionaries.  I bought my first Bible in 1997 after my Daddy passed away.  It's started falling apart at the binding years ago.  A friend of mine and I were talking about it a few years ago.  I told her I'd like to get a new one but the only place you could get it was from YWAM.  Crazy part of this?  I bought mine at a Pacific Stars and Stripes bookstore in Guam!  Lord only knows how it got there!  My friend who used to be a YWAM missionary went to their conference last week.  She brought me back the 50th anniversary edition.  How cool is that?  God has a way of reminding me how faithful He is even when I'm "fighting Him" every step of the way some days.  

I am so grateful that God loves me like this.  And for the friends He has placed in my life.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

To all who have served, past and present, gone on and still living, thank you for your service our great country.

This year was the most special Veteran's day I've had.  The daughters of my nurse made me a card and bookmark to thank me for serving.  And then the SGA at the school also made cards and handed out to the veterans.  It's the first time I ever remember being thanked in this way.  It was really special.

Baby it's cold outside!  Well, not yet but it's getting there.  I was trying to figure out something to scrap using parts from the Shabby Holiday Blog Train (hosted by Digital Scrapbooking Studio) and finally decided to scrap a picture I took in January 2010 of the "ice trees" that were made when people left their sprinklers on overnight to prevent the piping from freezing up.

Word art is by Jennifer at Word Art World.  It's from the Kids 101 pack on Gotta Pixel.

And I was brave this week.  Well, brave for me.  I applied to be on a creative team for a digiscrap designer.  Will find something out next week.  Either way, she's got the best word art!

The kids have settled with the phone thing.  It took Chaz a couple days to apologize.  Breezy hit the ceiling the same night when I told her there were limits at night.  Told her to keep it up and she'd have no phone either.  And that ended that.

Last week was the toughest week I have had parenting in a long time.  I spent a lot of time praying last week.

Work is still good.  I am grateful to have such a great nurse to work for and the school staff is awesome.  Still enthralled with the windows!  LOL

I'm off to find something to do.  Well, I have something to do, guess I better get on it!  LOL  (cleaning.  YUCK!)

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Phone restrictions.  That's what comes from abusing the privilege you've been given.  Texting during school hours?  Texting after you should be in bed?

I logged into Verizon to pay the bill and check usage on all phones to be sure we are not near going over our minutes/data.  Imagine my surprise when I saw huge numbers on my son's account.  So... I decided to review the text messaging.  One phone had over 1,200 text messages during the school day this month.  The other phone had over 40 text messages after midnight!  Not pleased.  The only text messages during school should be to me or maybe their brother/sister.  And there should be absolutely no messages after bedtime.

Both kids are extremely upset.  They feel I've invaded their privacy.  I'm the parent.  Part of my job is to monitor what they are doing.  I didn't read the text messages.  Only discover when they are being sent and received.

Digi-scrap kit by Raspberry Road Designs (Java Joe).  Watch faces, hands, and frames by Scrappin Cop.  Created using PhotoShop Elements 6.  Not the best layout but how I feel at the moment.