Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby...

Breezy turns 12 today. She's visiting with her Dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Washington/Oregon.

Her dad took her golfing (in Oregon) for her birthday since that was what she wanted to do. Her birthday party will be in Washington tonight.

Chaz played golf with his dad on Friday (Saturday?). They took 1st place in the tournament they were playing in.

Their aunt sent me a picture of all of them today. Their dad's hair is turning gray but he looks almost the same as he did when I saw him last in 2001.

Two more days of summer school and then the rest of the summer is off. Agenda is working in the library at church, Vacation Bible School, and a few movies possibly.

I have a friend who works at a movie theater. One of her perks is free movies with up to 3 people. Last week, she and I saw Ocean 13 and Nancy Drew. I liked them both and will most likely buy Nancy Drew when it comes out on video. We're going to see Evan Almighty tomorrow and planning on seeing Ratouille and Live Free or Die Hard next week.

Still need to upload pics of the last two clocks I made, the prayer window and possibly the "dead tree" I'm working on.

Time to scoot. VBS work to do.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

so good...

While I have been freaked out over the rent payment and the kids being gone, God has had it in His hands all along. Thank you Lord!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Breezy and Chaz made it to Seattle intact. They didn't have a lot to say about the flight other than they were the last ones off the plane.

Their aunt says Chaz looks just like his dad and Breezy is nearly as tall as she is.

It was hard putting them on the plane. Strange to get up and know they weren't in the house this morning too.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

kids and conference

Chaz and Breezy leave tomorrow to head northwest. I'll drive them to the airport in the morning and put them on a plane. It's been a rough last couple days. I'm nervy although I know they can handle. Can I?

We were planning on going home to finish getting packed and they asked to attend tonight's session of the conference at the church. Then told me that they wished they were flying out on Friday instead of Wednesday so they could participate in the whole thing. wow.

As the worship began, the clouds began to come in and it seemed as if they were the heaviest over the church. Then came the rain. God is so good. We need the rain in more ways than one. We need the rain to water this earth that's so dry from the drought we seem to be in. And we need the rain of God in our lives to refresh and awaken us.

Friday, June 08, 2007

sunsets, rainbows, trees, life

It has been a good week. Slowest week of work ever. I only saw 5 kids the entire week. Really. So instead of taking care of kids, I helped in the office by sorting supplies, answering phones and taking muster (or attendance for those non Navy folk). It was good.

The prayer board is finished. A friend gave me some chicken wire and let me use her staple gun to put it together. It looks good sitting on top of my bookcase. I'll take a pic later and post it. Monday, I made 112 tags that I can use to put prayer requests and pictures on. Decided the back of the tags can be used for addresses too. I'll make a little box to drop tags in that have answered prayers whether yes, no or you must be kidding!

Wednesday I stopped by an antique store off of Navy Blvd and found an old Womans Day magazine from March of 1967. The picture of Easter eggs decorated as butterflies caught my eye but when I read the first article listed I knew I needed it. Title? "what tv is doing to your children" Um, that's good. Also found a farmers almanac from 1971 and a book of 55 community songs. Both are aged well and will make nice additions to clocks, cards, and collages. Not decided yet if I'll make copies and age the copies or use the originals. What to do what to do.

Today scored big too. I've been driving to school all week up and down the same road and today, I saw the perfect tree to put in my bedroom (I know it sounds funny but that's ok). I've been wanting a branch to stand in the corner of my bedroom and hang birdhouses, pictures and a couple little mushroom birds on. This tree had been cut down earlier this week (last week?) but not well. The leaves were all dry and falling off but the trunk hadn't been cut well. So I phoned a friend who brought his chainsaw and finished cutting it for me and he trimmed off the top 2 feet of it. We got it in my van but couldn't close the back so I drove all the way home with it open. No broken windows fortunately.

On the way home, there was the most beautiful sunset ever over Perdido Key off Lillian Hwy. And then, there was a double rainbow. It's the first double rainbow I've seen in years. Only the left hand side of it was visible but it was gorgeous. Got pictures of both. I'll get them uploaded later and add them.

God is so good. He brought rain, a trip for my kids to see their dad, a dead tree for my bedroom, sunset and rainbow, a job for part of the summer. I am blessed coming and going. Friends who care, who pray with me, laugh and cry with me.

One pair of friends we had dinner with last night. The husband was a friend when I was in the Navy way back in 1982. The wife I have met since they started attending our north campus. The kids swam, watched movies, and played while they and I discussed music and God. It was good.

The kids leave Wednesday. It will be strange for them not to be around. I talked to their dad a few days ago. He still didn't have his ticket back to the states. I let him know that he needed to be sure he came home to see them. I'm not sure what their reaction will be if he doesn't make it there. Say a prayer for them and their Dad. It's going to be an adjustment for all three of them. Breezy and Chaz are pretty well grounded in God and pretty opinionated as well. They've not seen him in 6 years.

What will I do with all this free time? I signed up for Blockbuster Access online. Star Trek Voyager is the word of the day. My goal is to make it through at least 2 seasons of the show while they are gone.

Also thinking about attending The Call in Nashville on 07.07.07. Haven't made the final decision yet but it may be the breakthrough I'm needing with God.

Today I'm thankful for my children, friends, and rainbows.