Thursday, January 27, 2011

so anyway....

I am always stunned when someone posts something nice about one of my digiscrap pages.  I know that sounds dumb but I've been doing this for 7 months now. There are incredible layouts out there done by so many talented people (ladies and gentlemen).  I feel mine often pale in comparison.

Back to work.  It was a long weekend.  4 days in fact.  It was nice.  Chaz played soccer on Monday.  He got his FIRST yellow card ever.  In 9 years of playing soccer, he had never had one.

Wednesday....a week later.....
So.... Chaz now has TWO yellow cards!  BUT his team won their two playoff games (Monday & Tuesday).  They play for district championship on Friday.  Breezy and I'll be going to the game as well to cheer!  Also, there was a great picture of him in the newspaper and online!  Yah!

Taxes were filed on the 14th.  It's nice to be done with them and actually getting a nice return.  On the agenda?  Tithe.  Some toward credit card bill.  Acoustic-Electric guitar for the kids.  PhotoShop Elements 9 for me.  GPS for the car.  Register and insure Chaz' truck.  Some in the bank.  Some toward the band's bill for the artist.

Still digiscrapping.  Entered a CT contest.  Should have the results for it tomorrow.

Going to post my last 7 layouts here.  Well, more than several.  Enjoy 'em!

Quote: All God's angels come to use disguised. ~James Russell Lowell  
Image taken by me of my daughter.  Kit by PrettyJu ScrapDesigns (Un brin d'air frais by PrettyJu).

Photo taken by me of my son and modified using CoffeeShop Actions.  Song lyrics by Rascal Flatts (My Wish).  
Kit by PrettyJu ScrapDesigns (Un brin d'air frais by PrettyJu).  Scraplifted from layout by kakleidesigns. 
 Done for my friend Suzanne who totally enjoys Panda Cam from ZooAtlanta.

Journaling from ZooAtlanta.  Digiscrap kit by Sweet Blossom Designs (In the Jungle). Film Strip and frame by Ange Design (Clic). Word art and Alpha by Word Art World (Our Moments and Got it Covered).
My children in elementary school and then in high school.  Digiscrap kit by Kaklei Designs (An Ode to Memory). Font: Bohemian Typewriter.
Photo by my dear friend Jolie who actually sees snow, unlike those of us in Florida who were the only state in the US without snow recently! LOL

Digiscrap kit by Kaklei Designs (An Ode to Memory). Fonts: The King and Queen ( and Microsoft New Tai Lue. Photo edited in Photoshop Elements 6 (no actions used. Just playing.)
My sister and her husband. They celebrated their 25th anniversary on January 21st. True Love!
Digiscrap kit by Soval Designs (Eros). Word art from Word Art World (Only Love).
yrics: I Can Love You Like That by John Michael Montgomery. Word art by Word Art World. Digiscrap kit by Raspberry Road Designs (Kindred Spirits). Font: Bohemian Typewriter.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Made it...

...through New Years.  Kitties are doing great.  They have turned out to be best buds.  So cute curled up on the "box" together. 

Breezy is at a conference this weekend.  Chaz is out on a luggage run.  I sort of recommended he go.    Not sure how he likes that.

The last 5 months have been so challenging with the kids.  It seems like for every step I take forward, I take two steps back.  I've cried more in the last months than I probably have my entire life.  And they both think I'm "pretending."  No pretending involved.  Truly upset.  I spend a lot of time praying but feel like I'm getting nowhere.  I know God hears.  I know He has plans for them.  I'm going to continue to stand on the prophetic word that has been spoken over them both.

Getting back to school was good.  Our Christmas tree is still up.  I like looking at it.  I think my nurse does as well.  I may leave it there until the end of the school year!  LOL

In other news, I'm going to attempt a 52 week project.  I did the cover and the first 2 pages last night.  I managed to get 5 scrap pages done this week.  That is good.  Right?

I'm sitting here watching the wedding planner on tbs.  Never seen it before.  It's cute.  And clean.  Not many clean romantic movies around.  I'll add it to You've Got Mail, 2 Weeks Notice, and Letters to Juliet.  
 The cover to my Project 52.  Digiscrap Kit by Dawn Inskip (Project 365). Cluster from Raspberry Road Design and created by Ellen. Coffee Shop actions run on photo.
 Journaling reads: 

January 1st: We started the year with new kitties. Pickles and Merlot joined us from the Humane Society of Pensacola. 

January 2nd: Incredible service at our Foley Campus followed by communion with New Covenant Christian International and lunch. 

January 3rd: Back to school. Kind of tough to get back into the swing of things but glad to be there just the same. 

January 4th: Senior Night for Girls Varsity soccer. Got to take pictures for the girls.

January 5th: Chase’s first game of the new year. They played hard but lost. 

January 6th: Brianne’s first game of the new year. Sadly, it may have also been her last one of the season. She was in so much pain when she came off the field that I ended up taking her to the emergency room. Doctor gave her a mobilizing brace to keep her from bending it. She must wear it for 5 days. 

January 7th: Brianne is off to the YMCA CLC meeting in Montgomery, knee brace and all. I took the day off to drive her to Navarre. Chase had a soccer game. He drove to Taco Bell to meet some friends for dinner and then back to the school for his game. I began my modified P365 scrapbook. I’m just doing the year by week. We’ll see how it goes!

Digiscrap Kit by Dawn Inskip (Project 365). Cluster from Raspberry Road Design and created by Ellen.
 Photo taken at Blue Angel Recreation Park the summer of 2000. 

Digiscrap kit from KellyJo Scraps (part of the Just Beachy collaboration with ScrappyBug). Word art by Bethany at Elegant Word Art. Photoshop Element Actions run on photo by Coffee Shop.
Journaling reads: Jolie and I met during Base Indoc at Atsugi, Japan in January 1991. We explored Tokyo that first Friday (or was it Thursday?) after we met. What a trip! A stop in a stationary store, Tokyu Hands, the Sake place (where you could try 5 types of sake for 100 yen), and so many other places. She was there when I bought my first Japanese car and went driving down the wrong side of the road! Well, it was the wrong side as far as Americans are concerned! LOL

After I left Japan, I only saw Jolie once more around 1995 in San Diego. I lost contact with Jolie sometime around 1997.

Although I often searched on Google for Jolie, I never located her. And then, a search on Facebook the summer of 2010, brought me back in touch with my wonderful friend. 

Life has changed greatly for both of us. I’m now a divorced Mom of teenagers and she, the Mom to her nephew.

And yet, after all that time apart, it was like we had never lost contact! How wonderful to have a friend like that!

Digiscrap kit from chriscrap (Japanese Moment). Word Art from Word Art World.

That's it for now.  I'm off to clean the kitchen.  It needs serious help.  Go figure.  Doesn't everything?