Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Very long weekend began today. Tomorrow, Chaz, Breezy and I will head to Alabama for Thanksgiving. Friday we will go to my other sister's home for the Iron Bowl.

Things I forgot the other day...

Got a new laptop. It's a Toshiba and it's powerful. I just need to find the last graphic program disk to have all my graphic programs on it.

Work has been incredibly busy. Saw nearly 150 kids total in the last 2 days alone! I think last month set the all time record for visits to the clinic. Over 2000!!!!! Yikes!

Chaz and Breezy are both playing soccer. Last night's game with Chaz was nerve wracking. I cannot believe how poor the sportsmanship was and I wasn't particularly impressed with the ref either. I'm usually all for playing hard. But I'm of the opinion now that every now and again, the head of the referees should come watch a game unannounced so he/she can observe the calls being made on the field.

Spent an hour of Sunday evening at my 4th favorite place.... the ER with Chaz. We thought he broke his right thumb. Fortunately it's only sprained.

Almost time for me to go get the kids from youth. Have a marvelous Thanksgiving.

Today I am grateful for family, friends, my church, a job, a vehicle, a laptop, and the kids' Christmas shopping being done! I am grateful that God loves me no matter what.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow! almost 2 months without a post. I'll start with this:

Fall in Love with Lonesome Prairie!

It has been a good 2 months. We are still at the Foley campus. Empty Page's cd has gone off for mastering. Should everything else go as planned, they'll have a cd by the end of December! We have started pre-selling the cds.

Breezy has finished playing volleyball. For a short time she was playing nearly 5 hours of volleyball a day!!!

Chaz and Breezy are both playing soccer. They had games tonight. They are now in Panama City for a birthday party. Yah.

I am sitting here watching Star Trek and uploading cd's onto my laptop. Yes I got a new laptop. The old one has a trojan horse that I cannot get off without reformatting. I managed to save all my data fortunately. I even "skinned" the new one. It's beautimous!

It seems that twittering at 140 characters at a time has left me wordless for anything longer at the moment. How strange. Speechless on my blog.