Friday, January 27, 2012

Boy aren't I a rocket scientist?  Well, not really.  Just extremely bad about posting.  I'm still undecided about whether I'm moving my blog or not.  Or if I just want to permanently archive what's already here and start over.

I'd really like to just add pictures and crafts on a regular basis.  Just do it!  Right?

We got new phones.  I broke down and bought us all iPhones.  It was an expensive investment in a phone for two years but I think in the long run, it will help me with several goals.

I downloaded an app called My Net Diary that lets me put in what I've eaten with the nutritional information.  I put in what I currently weight and what my goal is.  It computes the calorie intake a day and then adds as I eat/munch during the day.

I'm horrid about munching.  And it's mindless.  It's got to stop.  I was reading a devotional I get and saw a wonderful idea.  When I find myself ready to eat mindlessly, open my Bible instead.  Feed myself with the word of God rather than calorie filled food.

I've also downloaded three or four photo apps.  Instagram, Hipstamatic, Magic Hour, and CamWow.  I will probably get rid of CamWow.  I think I much prefer the square format of the other three.  :)

I made a small accordion fold book today.  I'm going to start printing some of these little square prints and actually scrap them.  Yes, with real paper and glue and ink.

I'm off to bed.  Niters!