Monday, March 24, 2008

oh yeah. If you ever see a really weird IP on your blog counter/stats, it may have been me. I'm reading blogs from my cell phone at home! LOL


It's been busy lately. Sometimes too busy.

Most of my family come into the area tomorrow. We are all getting together with aunts, cousins on Saturday to wish my brother the best. He's headed to Iraq in April to do counter IED stuff.

We got a new car last Monday. At least new to us. It's a 2005 Ford Focus that had 18,500 miles on it when I bought it. I filled it up for the first time on Friday. 27 mpg. Of course, 300 miles in a little over 4 days is crazy!!

I also picked up a camera. I have been wanting one with decent zoom to take better pictures with. I broke down and bought it on Wednesday. It takes gorgeous pictures. Check these ones out.

This was taken from across the water yesterday. It was WAY off in the distance. I was actually surprised when I realized it was the blue angels plane at the front gate of NAS!! LOL

This is Breezy and Chaz. They were sitting on a "couch" that was made out of sand. They had a blast for Easter playing in the sand.

And this is the fire on Perdido Key last night. If you click for the larger version, you can see the firefighter on the roof near the flames. Crazy I know.

Easter was fabulous. We spent it with friends. Breezy and Chaz spent the whole afternoon on the beach playing in the sand with some of their friends.

I've had several interesting conversations about marriage recently. The first was a few weeks ago. A friend and I were talking about someone getting married and I told her I already had the draft for my wedding invitations done. I dreamed about them in May 2005. A few days later, she called and asked if we could get together and talk. Eventually the conversation came around to the invitations. She said she had never thought of me as getting married. When I asked why, she said I seem so content. I told her I am. If God sends me a husband great. If he doesn't, we're still good. She asked what I was looking for in a man. I told her "nothing" and she looked at me like I was kidding. No, not kidding. I told her the only thing I really asked for was someone who knew I had a compulsive need to make stuff. After that, it's God's problem. (My spiritual Mom prophesized that God would send someone to us who loved me like Jesus loved the church and he would love my children like his own.) I figure God's got it under control.

Today, a different friend called me all excited. She said she had a dream last night that she was planning my wedding reception. She said we had the hardest time getting together to plan it because of all the stuff going on. Then she told me what he was wearing in the dream and that she didn't see his face. I laughed and told her it's ok.

Just makes me laugh. :o)

God, today I'm so thankful for my children and the friends you have brought into our lives.

Anyway, it's nearly time to pick up Chaz from soccer practice and head for the volleyball game.

Only 3 more workdays this week! Yah!