Monday, September 06, 2010


Family. We are a family. No matter what our differences. No matter where we are.

Sometimes God gives us extra family.  Extended.  From other places and other families.  Debi and Dennis are part of our extended family.

I met Debi through our church during Vacation Bible School 2004. I remember thinking "Man, I want to get to know this lady." She's incredible with children and has a story a minute. Former Navy JAG officer. Now a medically retired lawyer. Children's pastor. Band manager. Amazing friend. Her husband Dennis is steady. Nearly unflappable. Sense of humor is cutting when you get to know him.  AND they love my children and I just where we are.

I don't know if they'll ever really know how much they mean to us.  But they are family.  Love 'em!

I made this digi scrap page using a quick page (from Vicki at A Work in Progress) and word art from the Polynesian Blog train (KellyBell Designs).  Debi was excited!  She's thrilled that there are quick pages to start from and she won't have as much to learn when she starts digi-scrapping.

Love ya my friends!