Sunday, April 01, 2007


It was awesome. Every time God shows up is good. Yesterday was just another time God showed how good He is.

More people showed up than we expected. My sister was even here for it.

The kids had a blast playing the "moat." Chaz had his remote control hummer out jumping the piles of dirt and the moat. The kids were running around, up and down the piles of dirt and across the moat with play swords battling each other.

The "grownups" sat and talked about homes, kids and what is going on in our lives. It was just good. No other word for it. Good.

Church is good this morning. Amick led the worship. He did a new song that he wrote. First time we've heard it and wow, nothing like a little bit of power as you praise God. Pastor Ron preached this morning on God's Will and Grace. I have another visual from the sermon drawn with my notes to put to canvas/paper sometime in the future. I'm so grateful for the grace. I'm so grateful for the love. I'm so grateful for the forgiveness.

Today, our new campus in Fairhope starts. I'm praying my brother is called there. Sort of like I was called here 5 years ago. Yes, we've been at Liberty for 5 years now. It's such a cool thing. Family. Yes, family.

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