Thursday, November 04, 2010


Phone restrictions.  That's what comes from abusing the privilege you've been given.  Texting during school hours?  Texting after you should be in bed?

I logged into Verizon to pay the bill and check usage on all phones to be sure we are not near going over our minutes/data.  Imagine my surprise when I saw huge numbers on my son's account.  So... I decided to review the text messaging.  One phone had over 1,200 text messages during the school day this month.  The other phone had over 40 text messages after midnight!  Not pleased.  The only text messages during school should be to me or maybe their brother/sister.  And there should be absolutely no messages after bedtime.

Both kids are extremely upset.  They feel I've invaded their privacy.  I'm the parent.  Part of my job is to monitor what they are doing.  I didn't read the text messages.  Only discover when they are being sent and received.

Digi-scrap kit by Raspberry Road Designs (Java Joe).  Watch faces, hands, and frames by Scrappin Cop.  Created using PhotoShop Elements 6.  Not the best layout but how I feel at the moment.

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