Monday, November 15, 2010

Senior Night...

Friday night was Chaz' last football game.  I got the opportunity to walk him in front of the stands. When he handed me the football that he had written a note on, it was so hard not to just burst out in tears.  I am so very proud of him.

Journaling reads: 

"Chaz’ last football game was also Senior Night. I was able to escort him in front of the crowd. (or did he escort me?) Either way, I was tearful all the way through the walk. At the end of the walk to the center of the bleacher area, we were met by Mrs. Mims, the School Principal, who handed Chase a football that he had written a message on for me. Then Chaz presented the football to me. By this time, my tears had dried and I was just incredibly blessed to be with him. I started tearing up all over again when he gave the football to me. Imagine my surprise when I read it. The football reads: Mom. I love you! No matter what's going on, even if it doesn't seem like it. Thank you for believing in me no matter what. You mean so much to me. All your love and support helped me through these many years. Love you, Chaz I am so very proud of the incredible man that Chaz has grown into. I love you Chaz. ~Mom"

Word Art by Word Art World. Digi Scrap kit by Raspberry Road Designs. Created using PhotoShop Elements 6.

Word art by Word Art World (Kid 101) at Gotta Pixel. DigiScrap kit collaboration by KellyJoScraps & Scrap Happens to Me over at Angel Baby Scraps. Created using PhotoShop Elements 6.

I also did something I consider brave.  Or at least different for me.  I applied to be on a creative team.  Will find out official word later this week.  It is good.  :o)

I was given a new Bible this week.  The Bible I was given is a Youth With a Mission Bible (YWAM).  The extra parts of it are written with an eye toward missionaries.  I bought my first Bible in 1997 after my Daddy passed away.  It's started falling apart at the binding years ago.  A friend of mine and I were talking about it a few years ago.  I told her I'd like to get a new one but the only place you could get it was from YWAM.  Crazy part of this?  I bought mine at a Pacific Stars and Stripes bookstore in Guam!  Lord only knows how it got there!  My friend who used to be a YWAM missionary went to their conference last week.  She brought me back the 50th anniversary edition.  How cool is that?  God has a way of reminding me how faithful He is even when I'm "fighting Him" every step of the way some days.  

I am so grateful that God loves me like this.  And for the friends He has placed in my life.

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