Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

To all who have served, past and present, gone on and still living, thank you for your service our great country.

This year was the most special Veteran's day I've had.  The daughters of my nurse made me a card and bookmark to thank me for serving.  And then the SGA at the school also made cards and handed out to the veterans.  It's the first time I ever remember being thanked in this way.  It was really special.

Baby it's cold outside!  Well, not yet but it's getting there.  I was trying to figure out something to scrap using parts from the Shabby Holiday Blog Train (hosted by Digital Scrapbooking Studio) and finally decided to scrap a picture I took in January 2010 of the "ice trees" that were made when people left their sprinklers on overnight to prevent the piping from freezing up.

Word art is by Jennifer at Word Art World.  It's from the Kids 101 pack on Gotta Pixel.

And I was brave this week.  Well, brave for me.  I applied to be on a creative team for a digiscrap designer.  Will find something out next week.  Either way, she's got the best word art!

The kids have settled with the phone thing.  It took Chaz a couple days to apologize.  Breezy hit the ceiling the same night when I told her there were limits at night.  Told her to keep it up and she'd have no phone either.  And that ended that.

Last week was the toughest week I have had parenting in a long time.  I spent a lot of time praying last week.

Work is still good.  I am grateful to have such a great nurse to work for and the school staff is awesome.  Still enthralled with the windows!  LOL

I'm off to find something to do.  Well, I have something to do, guess I better get on it!  LOL  (cleaning.  YUCK!)


Jen said...

Great layout, Deborah! Just stopping in to look at your blog. :)

deb said...

Thank you!