Friday, November 30, 2007

I forgot to post this last night so here are my thoughts/happenings for the last week. Imagine my surprise when I could get to Blogger from work. *thud* LOL

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Yeah, I know it sounds lame but am I inspired or what? My mind kicks into overdrive when I see some of the beautiful things made on etsy.

Thanksgiving was good. My mom and her husband, my brother and his SO, my sister and her 2 sons, and Breezy, Chaz, and myself. Everybody brought something (or several somethings) and nobody slaves over a stove for hours before dinner. What more can you ask for?

Friday, my sis wanted to go Christmas shopping so I joined her. It's going to be an Alabama Christmas around my house. Chaz wants a Zune and Breezy wanted "a shiny ring." I managed to get the ring but missed the special on Zunes at Radio Shack.

Saturday was Casting Crowns, John Waller, and Leeland. I had no idea that the song I've been singing for weeks was by Leeland. The concert was hemmed in prayer. Someone from Premier Productions came out before the concert started and prayed over the concert. John Waller led off with a song called "blessings and curses." It really gets you thinking whether you're speaking blessings or curses over your own life, the lives of your children, friends, family, etc. Leeland was great. Casting Crowns. They were phenomenal as always. This is the 5th time I've seen them. Music that worships God and makes you think at the same time about your walk and how you are affecting others. Their second set after the World Vision break was great. Before they ended, they prayed over the audience. Prayers for children, families, marriages, youth, pastors. It was awesome.

I got to go to dinner with PB and RF before the concert. The company was fabulous. The food delicious. Can't ask for much more than that. :o)

Chaz has been moved up to Varsity full time as of yesterday. He's been catching grief from some of the guys because he's been floating back and forth from JV to Varsity. He's getting huge amounts of play time as well. I told him that it took everything I had to keep from saying something to several young girls who were mouthing off about him during the first game. Breezy said the same thing about some of the JV boys who were complaining. We both decided we didn't want him to catch more grief over being a "momma's boy" or having his sis stick up from him. He told us last night that had that occured, he would have turned around and told them "at least my mom and sister care enough to stick up for me." How cool is that.

Breezy has her first chorus performance coming up. She's not particularly pleased about the dress but she looks so good in it. This afternoon, a friend from church is taking Breezy out for the evening. They are going to visit the friend's beautician and have their nails done and maybe Breezy's hair cut/colored (normal colors). Breezy is so excited.

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Well, it's Friday and I'm grateful. Chaz played soccer last night. He's seriously disheartened. He was on JV and got to play quite a few games with the Varsity and was playing the majority of those games. He was officially moved to Varsity on Wednesday and spent less than 22 minutes on the field. He wants to move back down to JV and feels as if he wasn't need.

Breezy had such a good time with our friend. Her nails are a lovely shade of dark blue. Her hair has been trimmed/cut and highlighted slightly. She looks like a million bucks. Oh wait, she always does! LOL. They also made a trip out to the mall and she got a pair of straight leg jeans. Boy is she excited about them. She says they are the most comfortable pair of jeans ever. She revised her Christmas list (did she have one?). She wants another pair or two (if on sale) of them. That may be doable.

I spoke to my two sisters who both live in this area. It looked like we weren't going to get together for Christmas at all due to conflicts in schedules and/or transportation. It's settled now and everyone will be coming to our house on the Sunday before Christmas. The kids and I will get to attend the first service at church and my Mom will work half the morning. Our hopes are my youngest sister will be able to get off work. We'll say a prayer for that.

Today was supervisor visit for work. She got here before I did (and I get to work around 7:30) and was already meeting with our nurse. I guess she did everything she needed to before I got here because I only spoke with her for a couple minutes. *shrug/head scratch*

Well, I'm outta here this time. We have soccer tonight and nothing to do tomorrow but clean house and put up the Christmas tree. Sleeping in is on the agenda. *s*

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ruth (kore diaries) said...

hi deb,
haven't been here for a've changed your blog layout! I love the header, it looks beautiful! Reminds me of the verse from Luke which speaks about how the Lord watches over even the sparrows (though ok these aren't quite sparrows :>)

So nice to hear about your warm Thanksgiving! Wishing you a lovely Christmas...I can't wait for Christmas eve :)