Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas....

I'm sitting with a friend at Martelli's enjoying coffee, conversation, and a surf around the net.

The surfing part found this unique piece at Etsy. Absolutely fabulous. And pretty reasonably priced too for the uniqueness.

I have only 2 gifts left to purchase for Breezy. A pair of straight leg jeans and a hair straightener to go. My little girl is becoming a girly girl although she'll deny it! LOL

Chaz's gifts are done. I picked up the Zune two weeks ago.

It's been a good lead into Christmas though. I got several gift cards. Walmart, Target, Joann's and Martellis. The Walmart one went on gasoline (ugh) and food. Martellis was half used this morning. I didn't expect anything but got majorily blessed. I'm so grateful. :o)

My sister was supposed to come down today. Things have changed and now the kids and I will spend the weekend by ourselves which isn't necessarily a bad thing. We'll get a little shopping done. I'm going to take them to the mall and give them money to purchase gifts for each other. I'll probably give them money to spend for me. Who knows what delightful thing I might get? LOL

Christmas day, after gifts are open, we'll visit friends around the west side of town. Quiet and busy. Tis good.

Almost time to head out. Merry Christmas!

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