Sunday, November 18, 2007

etsy and beads

I am surfing etsy again. When I found this necklace, it made me smile. Just fun. Something a little out of the ordinary.

And it reminded me that when I make someone something or make something to sale, I want the person to smile when they see the piece of jewelry and enjoy wearing it. Or enjoy giving it as a gift.

Last night and earlier today, I made an amazonite necklace, bracelet, and earrings. I wore the necklace to church and a lady offered to buy it. Then asked if I would make earrings and a bracelet to go with it. (I'll post a picture later.)

I can now say I've made my first pair of earrings and I'm thinking I need to make more. I've been wearing the same pair of post type earrings for months. Maybe it's time to switch to something different.

We are out of school this week. The kids will stay home tomorrow while I come clean up in the bookstore/tape store at church and train 2 new people to work in it. Yah! Volunteers! We needed someone new to help. :o)

We are also really looking forward to going to my sister's and Mom's over the break. Thanksgiving will be at Mom's and we'll spend two nights at my sister's.

Time to go. My son is starving again. Can't keep him fed. *sigh*

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