Tuesday, June 12, 2007

kids and conference

Chaz and Breezy leave tomorrow to head northwest. I'll drive them to the airport in the morning and put them on a plane. It's been a rough last couple days. I'm nervy although I know they can handle. Can I?

We were planning on going home to finish getting packed and they asked to attend tonight's session of the conference at the church. Then told me that they wished they were flying out on Friday instead of Wednesday so they could participate in the whole thing. wow.

As the worship began, the clouds began to come in and it seemed as if they were the heaviest over the church. Then came the rain. God is so good. We need the rain in more ways than one. We need the rain to water this earth that's so dry from the drought we seem to be in. And we need the rain of God in our lives to refresh and awaken us.

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