Monday, December 04, 2006

Surprise Me God #8

Yes, I missed #7. The day was good though. The sermon was dead on. Score another for God. This battle I have over a house and finances. God's bigger than all that.
Just need an answer. I can't see it. And I'm a pretty visual person. I need to be able to see. Guess that's part of my problem. I'm trying to see faith. Or something like that.

There's something dead under the trailer. Last night was a little nosy to say the least. Today is absolutely unbearable. I talked to my neigbor about looking under the trailer since the landlord had already gone to work.

I came home this evening and can't stay there. I'm at the other debi's house. Landlord called after I got here and said he'd check it out tomorrow after he gets off work.

On other notes, I found a beautiful suede feeling jacket to wear to the church volunteer banquet last night. It's burnt orange in color. Scrumpcious to wear. It's been a long long time since I bought something so nice to wear. It was definitely a splurge although realitively unexpensive. It's not a pair of jeans or something I can wear to work. Just special occasions.

One of the most interesting things about the banquet was what I didn't find out until I was leaving... There was a reserved spot for me at one of the reserved tables for staff. Although I'm running the bookstore and the library, I just don't consider myself staff because I work full time elsewhere. I saved the placecard as a souvenir.

Today. Busy busy busy. Over 70 kids in the clinic again today. It just seemed like a never ending stream.

The kids and I went to visit one of the student's in the hospital today. She's been there for nearly a week and has two more weeks to go. She's got so much potential. I just wish she could see it. We'll go up and see her again on Saturday. Also added her to the church prayer list.

Another surprise for the day was the email I got from my supervisor asking if I had considered trying to obtain housing using the healthcare professional route. Healthcare professional? This never occured to me either. I always see myself as just retired Navy working to keep my head and the kids head above water.

So, in two days God surprised me by showing me that I am more than what I think of myself as. It seems He is trying to get me to see myself as He does and as others sometimes do. Healthcare professional and Church staff in two days. I truly have never thought of this. Thank you Lord for enlightenment.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. It's also the church staff Christmas party. Again, I am stunned I was even invited. Let alone considered staff. I have the childcare set up so I can attend.

The rest of the week is busy as well. Church on Wednesday night. It's First Wednesday. The day that both the North Campus and our south campus get together for worship, baptisms, fellowship dinner, and a good service. The worship is always phenomenal. Two awesome worship leaders to bring you into the presence of God. What more can you ask for?

Friday night is the worship team Christmas party. No kids allowed. I've not gotten childcare yet but may attempt to. I've been working with the worship team for two years now. I didn't realize that until I blew my blog up last month. I run the overheads with the words to the songs on Wednesday nights.

Saturday night is our Singles Christmas party. Again, no kids.

Three events in one week with no kids. It's rather hard for me to wrap my head around. I rarely go anywhere without the kids. Even stranger is to have 3 parties to go to! I can honestly say that this has never occured before. I actually fit in and help make a difference.

Sunday. Sunday is the final class of S.H.A.P.E. What an awesome class. I wasn't even going to take the class until I saw who was leading it. The couple leading it are the parents of one of our worship team members and they themselves have been doing worship for years. I'm not even sure of their age but suspect they are nearly 20 years older than me. Both are amazing. She has the sweetest spirit and a lovely gift of hospitality. He is a great teacher inclined to get excited about what he is teaching. I met them when he worked VBS this summer.

At the end of the class, we have the option of turning in copies of the last few pages of our workbooks into the church for evaluation of where we could possibility fit into the ministry. I know I'm already doing ministry work but wow, God could open a new door!

I've actually pondered attaching a copy of my resume to the back of the workbook before I hand it in. I've often said that one day I'd like to be the receptionist or secretary there. *s*

Anyway, it's bed time. God has surprised me again. I have no idea why I am but I am. He is so good and so faithful. Thank you Lord.

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