Saturday, December 02, 2006

Surprise Me God #6

Today was interesting. Particularly since it didn't end until 3 a.m.! After CR last night, Skif and I went to the birthday party. I ended up talking to A until it was time for the girls to make their journals. I got to talk them through the making of them. It was interesting to say the least.

Sleeping in the morning was good. No one knocking on the door was a blessing! Yah!

A trip over to pick up Talia ended up being sitting and talking to A for another 3 hours. We talked about doing journals and name plaques to hang on the walls. It was good.

Then to Deb's to go into Foley and to Hobby Lobby in Daphne. We spent way too much time in Foley but I did manage to find bras at an excellent price. By the time I send in the rebate/free bra thing, I will have gotten 4 bras for less than the normal price of 2! Yah!

We got to Hobby Lobby as they were closing. I sort of just headed for the back as they were announcing they were closing. I needed glue desperately to finish my Christmas cards. I got 2 tubes and found a set of alphabet chipboard letters.

I'm actually thinking about selling all these cards I'm making and just buying Christmas cards to send out. I know that sounds weird, but I normally sell my cards for $2.50 each. I could sell these for $2 each and I have 250 made. I could package them 5 to a pack and sell them for $10. Or $12 with envelopes. Who knows.

I talked to the kids' dad today too. He's putting a little extra into the bank for their Christmas. They both asked for money as part of their Christmas so I'm going to give them 1/2 of the money in cash so they can buy what they want. Skif wants a ball cap and Alabama jersey. Talia wants earrings. She's loving having her ears pierced. I suspect she'll get her second piercing with her money. This is a major blessing. Even with the church helping with gifts, I had been worried about their gifts.

I'm about at the point that we are going to rent for a while. I have a rental that has been offered to us. It should be available this week coming up. I'm not sure how we'll swing the first two months rent with Christmas holiday and no pay coming in, but hey, I keep saying God's bigger than my housing problem. I need to stand on it.

I guess it's time for bed. The day has been really good. It was a blessing to get to talk to Deb today. We don't get to talk as much as we used to. I enjoy the conversation.

Thank you Lord for the beautiful sunset!

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