Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas was good. The kids got what they wanted for Christmas. Between gifts from "Santa" (via the angel tree), mom (me), and aunts and uncles, they were happy. I'm glad. I was really afraid that they would actually be without for a while.

Our family (my mom and her husband, my three sisters, one of my two brothers, and two spouses) were together for Christmas. It was good. We spent alot of time playing cards and talking.

And for the big Christmas present? I've been talking about it for months. I've been dreaming about it for longer.... Huh, what are you talking about?

A new home!!!

I signed a lease today on the new place. And got a key. Tomorrow, a friend, R, is coming to help me get packed and start moving stuff. K is going to go with me to pick up my new bed, dresser, and nightstand that I was given.

I'm dreading telling the landlord as I'm sure he will notice we're packing and want to know why I didn't give him notice. But I absolutely do not want anything to do with him at this point after the year we've had where we are. From the front door that will not seal completely to the broken window that has been broken for two years to the fact the trailer is not level and has not been level since a tree hit the back of it during Ivan, to the guy he was renting to who was breaking in our house stealing our food and stuff that he wouldn't press charges against. (I'm thinking I might have a forgiveness issue to deal with)

Anyway, we are moving. New carpet, new windows, new appliances and all that. We will have fish instead of cats. Talia is content with that. Skif wants a dog but understands we need to wait a bit. I'll be happy not to be feeding an entire neighborhood of cats! 20 pounds of cat food every couple weeks is alot (and expensive)!

I am so grateful for a new place. We are going to pray over it and anoint it before moving in as well. I've got to take over a cd player and start playing music as well.

Guess I should get some sleep so I can get up early and pack. Say a prayer for us!

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