Thursday, December 28, 2006


Moving. Wow. It's going well. God sent an angel to help me!! RF is fabulous. No judging. Just asked what needed to be done and started. Phenomenal attitude about moving and straightening things out. She asked me about zones and I sort of looked at her like "huh?" Zones, you know that you want to use for certain things... books, music, crafts, games, linens, etc. Oh, those. Um.. books over there and dvd's over there! She's going to help me get it all set up.

As I was thinking about this yesterday, I realized that I have not been completely unpacked since 1989. I have had stuff in boxes or shoved in closets in some form or the other since 1990!! And I wonder why it's so hard.

I am really excited though. I know God is preparing us for the future, whatever it may hold.

And while at times I would like to have a husband in the picture, what kind of wife would I make when 3/4 of our meals were eatten out or on the run? When my home looks like a bomb dropped on it?

I am grateful that He is faithful and this is being revealed to me. I have spent most of my life running from the home and lately, I have felt as if I belonged at home but where we were was so bad that I couldn't force myself to be there for anything other than to sleep and even that was difficult at times.

On other notes, I am beginning PRISM again in January. Starting with the first lesson again. This time, I intend to actually follow through with the lessons that go with the program.

Also plan on making time for the kids and I to have Bible study time together. And for me to have more quiet time. We'll actually have a place where we can be comfortable as we study.

And lastly, I plan on praying "Surprise Me God" as much as possible. I know there are days that I may forget but God showed me so much in the last 30 days that I might have missed or not been open to.


LizzieJoy said...

I hope you got all your moving done before the rain came in!!

Happy New Year!!


Deborah said...

I got it all done! Yah! Today we moved the last few things out and all that is left is to get someone to come tow the van out of the yard. It hasn't moved but once since before Ivan and that's because we PUSHED it! LOL

Happy New Year!