Thursday, November 30, 2006

Surprise Me God #4

It's strange waking up and saying "Surprise Me God." It's taking a lot of something on my part to say it. Why? Am I sure that I want God to surprise me? Am I sure I can handle what He sends my way?

Today was busy again at work. I'm grateful my nurse was there. She got to handle the hardest case. I'm so glad I wasn't alone or I'd have had to call for reinforcements! Really.

Surprise! I had a check I needed to cash so I could put gas in the van. The bank was closed before we got there and the drive through is for members only. Oops. Guess that means we're not picking up Talia's instrument either?

God is good. The place that fixed Talia's instrument took the check and gave me the difference between the payment and the check amount. Thank you!

Gas in the van. Food in the kids stomachs.

Surprise! Flat as we're pulling into the church parking lot. Yes, I knew I needed a tire. I am so grateful to God that it went flat as we were pulling into the parking lot rather than on Hwy 98 or Blue Angel Parkway or Navy Blvd or Garden Street. I have a spare and it can be fixed enough until I get to Wally World in the morning.

I must continue my evening. I have a PRISM meeting. I really need to pay more attention to what's going on and the rules. I'd definitely be losing more weight. *sigh*

Thank you God for surprises and little blessings!

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