Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Surprise Me God #3

Surprise Me God!

Last night, we went to prayer meeting at church last night. It was amazing. God showed up in an amazing way. At the end of the prayer, we prayed over the kids. WOW!!! God is so good.

My nurse is at school today! Yah!

Our guidance secretary brought in the most beautiful poinsettas for everyone in the office today.

It was a good day all the way around today. I managed to get the largest part of 212 Christmas cards started. That would be the snowmen and the coloring.

This afternoon, I got the word portion stamped. Tomorrow, I'll start assembling them with the patterned papers.

Also, God blessed us again this evening. I've been worried about Christmas gifts for the kids. They were put on the Angel Tree at church today.

God thank you for your goodness.

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