Monday, January 21, 2008


week. Work was slower than usual. Thank goodness. FCATs are coming up in a few weeks and things will be slower then. While I'm not fond of FCATs, I do enjoy the quiet.

Breezy and I have had our go arounds this week. Hearing her tell me to "shut my mouth" was one of the highlights. It took a lot of restraint not to hit her. She ended up grounded. When she apologized she told me she understood that she still could not go to the birthday party that was being held on Sunday. However, when Sunday rolled around, it got ugly. From "I hate my life" to "you hate me" were things I heard. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't listen to a lot and finally I gave up and walked out of her room. About an hour later, she came out of her room and apologized. She climbed in my lap and we talked for 20 minutes or so. I talked to her about punishment and how it isn't right for me to let her do everything she wants to. I talked to her about responsibilities and the differences in how I grew up and how she is being raised. The difference between being grounded and being beaten. The differences of growing up with alcoholism and carrying more responsibility than a child should have to carry. I think we made some headway. Time will tell.

Breezy has band practice today.

Chaz has a soccer game in Niceville. I can't say that I'm particularly happy about the soccer season. I've seen more poor sportsmanship and lack of respect than I've ever seen on a playing field. From the player who stood beside Chaz on the field and called him "fag" the entire game to the junior varsity players on a different team sitting in the bleachers yelling "wanker" at the referees. Players from our own team acting like jerks when they ate out while on the road and acting so badly that the school was called and a complaint filed. The results of the complaint is that the boys can no longer eat out when they are on the road. Then there was the player who put plastic in the tail pipe of the bus as he came off the bus. I saw 7 yellow cards fly at the last game. There were actually punches thrown on the field and yellow cards given. The players who were yellow carded played the second half of the game. Hello? What happened to accountability? I'm at a loss as how to handle what I've seen occur this season. Chaz on the other hand is optimistic of the things to come next season. My hope and prayer is for accountability for both the players and coaches, better coaching, and better refereeing.

Anyway, gotta go for now.

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