Tuesday, July 24, 2007

welcome home....

Chaz and Breezy have been home for two weeks now. I barely recognized them when they came off the plane. Both have grown at least an inch and in Breezy's case, I think it was two. All the changes were not good. Breezy came back with an attitude that needs adjusting. She also brought back two pairs of shorts that aren't fit to wear in public. She said her aunt told her they "covered everything." Not! Nothing modest at all about 1/2 the clothes she brought home and she brought home alot.

VBS finished. Over 450 kids visited for at least one day. The high day attendance was 381. Low day was 331. That's alot of kids!

This has been the summer of the movies. With a friend's help (she works at the Rave so gets free admission for herself and a friend), I've seen Ocean 13, Nancy Drew, Live Free or Die Hard, Evan Almighty. Also seen Shrek 3, Spiderman 3, and Surf's Up. All of them were good.

We're supposed to go see Harry Potter 5 this week. And I read book 7. Very good. It's going to make it hard to see the rest of the movies with some of the plot lines that tied up in the 7th book in the back of my head.

Well, I'm off. The kids have a CORE meeting at the church for youth and I have a School Advisory Committee meeting at the same time.

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