Thursday, July 05, 2007


We got notification Tuesday that Breezy recieved a TSIC scholarship! YAH God! It pays for two years tuition at any junior/community college and two years at any university in the state of Florida. This is the same type scholarship Chaz has already. What a blessing!

Spent Tuesday evening with my Mom and her husband, my sister and her sons. Then to my sister's house to spend the night and play cards on Wednesday. Drove home around 7 p.m. and had no desire to sit in the heat with 100's of people so I skipped the fireworks and watched the Boston Pops/fireworks on tv.

Today has been spent doing VBS stuff and having my eyes reexamined. I'm still having trouble with my vision. We'll see what happens with the corrected glasses. Say a prayer.

Tomorrow... more VBS. Saturday... VBS. Sunday... VBS. Monday.... Tuesday.... Wednesday.... Thursday.... Friday.... Yup, you got it, VBS.

Chaz and Breezy get home on Tuesday. I'll leave VBS early to go pick them up. Their dad flew back to England last Saturday. I know they had a good visit. He told me I did a "good job raising them."

More later. Time to get back to VBS. Of course. *s*

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