Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 on Tuesday and other stuff...

10 on Tuesday and other stuff...
1) Surf the Net
2) Read
3) Visit Hobby Lobby
4) Visit Books a Million
5) Sleep
6) Listen to music (most of the time)

It's been an interesting couple weeks. 
My head has been hurting because my glasses prescription is seriously wrong.  I am dominate right eyed.  My left works when it chooses too.  I don't have a lot of input in it.  I've been praying for my eyes to be healed. 
It appears my left eye is trying to work through a totally wrong lens and in the process is causing the eye muscles to spasm.  I've been having horrible pains/aches behind the left eye for about a month now.
On the 12th I finally couldn't take it any more and went to the NavHosp ER.  They did a CT scan and dilated my eyes and stuff. 
On the 13th, I had an appointment with the eye surgeon who examined my eyes and let me know just how bad the prescription was.  He gave me a new script and recommended I see a civilian eye doctor for a prescription.
Bad part is TRICARE only allows retirees one eye exam every two years so I had to make an appointment with my primary care to get a referral.
The referral came yesterday.  It sent me to the NavHosp eye clinic.  The referral said it was a glaucoma referral!?!  I talked to the receptionist and explained what was going on.  I have to call back and see what the verdict is and hopefully they can help me.  Otherwise I have to start over.
Last Friday, I had a close encounter with what appeared to be a Satanist.  It was calm but shocking.  He was in the church and let fly with the "f" word in conjunction with a comment he made.  I had only been awake for about 20 minutes by then (I had just driven to the church minutes earlier).  All I could say was "excuse me?"  He repeated himself without the expletive and then began to rant.  By the time he was finished, he walked off saying he served the one true god and made some sort of hand signal (not a flying middle finger).  When I talked to one of the workers about it, she said it was a standard hand symbol for a Satanist.  When he pulled out of the parking lot, he backed into one car, clipped the bumper of truck, and then jumped a curb as he was going around a corner.  Amazingly enough neither the truck or car had damage. 
Our missions conference started on Sunday.  I let the kids each pick out a missionary that we will support through the year.  Chaz chose the missionary to Russia, Breezy chose one of the missionary families to Scotland.  The rest are rounded out by a missionary to Uganda, our friends who are in training to be missionaries to the Muslim nations, Dirk Wood (a character all by himself) and the couple who are missionaries to Japan! 
Yah!  Japan!  Finally!  One day, that's where we are headed.  My kids are warming up to the change of visiting Japan after spending a lot of  time telling me they would never go.  Breezy asked if we could take a month off and go visit Japan.  Chaz said about a month ago that he would like to go for a little bit.  That's major changes on both of their parts.  Thank you Lord!
They will get to see their dad this summer.  He's going to fly into Portland Oregon from England, and they will fly to Portland also to meet him.  His family lives in Oregon and Washington so they will get to see all of his side of the family as well.  They've not seen their paternal grandparents since 2000.  Their dad's mom is paying for all the trips.  They will be gone most of the month of June it appears.
Maybe during that time I'll get to attend the TAC conference! 

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