Monday, December 11, 2006

Surprise Me God #14 & 15

Surprise Me God #14

God is so good. He gave me an opportunity to share the things He is doing in my life and the changes he is making.

We also finished the S.H.A.P.E. small group that I have been part of. It was good. I've been absolutely blessed through this class and the people I have met.

I found out that another lady in the church blogs and we're going to swap blog urls. This will be the first person I've shared my blog with in the church.

Surprise Me God #15

Busy day. My poor nurse was out half the day again. She has an upper respiratory infection.

I managed to do most of my statistics for last month and have only a couple forms left to finish.

Finished the last of my Christmas cards. I made 211 + 32 (my nurse's cards). Now all I have to do is write in them and address them.

I also paid my electric bill. Anyone attempted to do this in Pensacola lately? You know... Bill Matrix? Or better yet... attempted to use the new Gulf Power telephone line? Yeah, you know what I mean.

The following is my email to Gulf Power concerning their new "voice" activated system (submitted through their web page as the phone number I was given was disconnected).

I have used the "new" voice activated telephone number for Pensacola (969-3111).

It is absolutely without a doubt the most non-user friendly telephone service I have ever used.

I would prefer NOT to share any of my information regarding my electric bill in public. Speaking to the phone is ridiculous unless I am speaking to a real person which in the case of your new phone system is next to impossible.

Furthermore, when I requested an address where I could file my complaint, the customer service representative who I finally got on the phone gave me a disconnected phone number!

This is unacceptable. Surely, there must be a better solution for your customer service line.

Note: Glad I checked that before sending. Heh, I'd have posted my name and phone number to the internet! EEK!

My surprise? God lets me work where I do and minister to kids. Also, I'm at a point that if He wants me to stay at the school for another year, I'm ok with that. I did plan on leaving the end of the year.

Oh yeah, I have a beautiful visual for a wall hanging thanks to the people who gave me the gorgeous handmade papers. The wife said "Even the most beautiful flower has to go through some dirt to bloom." She didn't know where the quote came from but God gave me an awesome visual last night. I'm going to try to make it out of paper this week. Like that's any surprise! LOL

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