Sunday, December 10, 2006

Surprise Me God #12 & 13

I've not had access to make a post but here goes.

Friday. We went and looked at a place to rent. The previous tenant had completely trashed the house and that was the state it was in when I first looked at it (a week earlier). It's a lovely little three bedroom/one bath house. Low roof. All the walls are freshly painted. There will be new carpet through the entire thing. New stove and refrigerator. It has central heat and did have window ac's. But the owner is having it converted to central air as well. He is willing to work with me to pay a deposit and is going to let us start moving in as soon as it's finished being fixed. He believes that will be Friday the 15th. Yah!

There was a party for the worship team as well. It was nice to see everyone who is part of the media team and worship team in one place. There were behind the scene people I had never met.

Saturday. We got to sleep in. Always a pleasure to sleep late.

We finally got out of the house around 12 so we could visit a girl from school who has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks. We took her a Switchfoot cd and book.

Last night was the Singles' Christmas party. There were about 30 people there. Skif went with me since Talia spent the night at a friend's. We had a really good time. We played the "Dirty Santa" game. (It really needs a different name) Lots of laughter over the cooler and the "gremlin" car.

As for Surprise Me God. I'm still surprised every day. Things I'm not expecting happen. One of the ladies from the church offered to give me a full size antique bed with a dresser and nightstand when I was working on buying a house. She told me yesterday she still has it and I can still have it. Thank you Lord! My friend Nancy has been holding a bookcase for me for over a year!

So, that's Friday and Saturday. More later.

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