Sunday, November 26, 2006


Thanksgiving was good. We spent it at my mother's. Pretty much everything was cooked before we got there and a little reheating needed.

Two of my sisters, one brother, one brother-in-law, and 2 nephews along with my Mom, her husband, myself, Talia and Skif.

It was really good to see my brother. I've now seen him twice in one week. That's more than I've seen him in the previous 6 months!!!

We got to play a few rounds of 313. And much talking going on.

Afterwards, my sister went to my brother's to pick up some slides and a slide projector that had belonged to my Daddy.

We spent about 4 hours going through all the slides. It was good to see these pictures. After my Daddy passed away, a lot of things like pictures seemed to have vanished. Most of the slides were from 81-early 83. There were pictures of my Pass-In-Review from bootcamp. Pictures of my first ex and I out shooting skeet. I was about the size of a pencil back then. There were also pictures of when I was a year old and my parents lived upstairs from the funeral home that my Dad worked in.

I told a friend about the pictures on Friday and she asked if I had gotten prayer for that. I said what? I never thought about the fact we lived above a funeral home for a couple years after I was born. Maybe it is something I need to look into. She also asked if my Dad was bi-polar. I have no idea. I know he was never the same man after my uncle was shot and killed in 1979.

Things to think on and pray over.

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