Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm done playing for now. I wanted to test the blogger beta features. I like that you can now play with the template while looking at it. Most of mine, I added html rather than use the link features. That way I could get it to read the way I wanted.

I haven't figured out how to add images and get rid of the header. For now, this will have to do.

I'm sitting at church. In the process of rearranging the bookstore and doing some children's stuff.

I'm also listening to the recording of our night worship that was held on Friday the 13th. I could listen to the song "The Stand" for hours. Wait! I've been doing that!

My van is in for repairs today. The check engine light came on Tuesday morning. I stopped by the mechanic yesterday and they hooked it up to the little diagnostic machine. It's a "743" error, a torque converter problem. I have no idea the cost but I'm praying it's not going to break me.

When I got out of bed this morning, I nearly fell. It appears that I have an inner ear infection or something that has my equilibrium off. If it gets any worse, I'm going to have to go to the doctor.

Today is the Blue Angel airshow. We live right off the main traffic path for the show. Can you say no going home until late this evening? Tomorrow is a repeat performance.

Skif is playing in the All Star game tomorrow night. I took him to practice on Wednesday night. Talked to the coach for a few minutes after practice. He seemed surprised when told this was Skif's first year of playing basketball on a team.

Talia gets to go to the Barlow Girl concert tonight. She's so excited! Yah! She gets cuter by the day.

Both Skif and Talia gave me their Christmas lists yesterday. I told them to be realistic. Maybe not the best thing to tell a kid but they know the real deal now.

Skif wants Legos, a skateboard, a scooter, the Star Wars II game for GameCube, and money. Talia wants earrings, a purse (but not too girly!), a skateboard, a Barlow Girl cd, and money. That gives me something to work toward for the next few weeks leading up to Christmas.

Talia is going to be in the Christmas drama at church. She gets to cop an attitude for her part. Oh boy!

Outta here and back to work for now. Kids are hungry too. (Like that's a surprise!)

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