Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cleaning up

At least, I'm cleaning up digitally. I should be cleaning up physically, but that's for another day. I checked in at SplitCoastStampers and decided to upload some of the cards I've made recently. I never noticed I hadn't put probably three-quarters of my images into folders, so I'm in the process of putting them into folders. Wish there was an option to change a lot of them at once. Alas.

Random factoid: There is no longer two spaces after a period in a paragraph. I found that out a few weeks ago and it's so difficult to get out of the habit. I've been putting two spaces since I learned how to type in the early 80's. I would say late 70's but I typed so bad back then that it shouldn't even count as typing! LOL

As for the image above, it is from A Day for Daisies. I love her images and lately, have been purchasing at least once or two every payday. I <3 this little set of chairs. There is something so welcoming about them. The fact that there are birds does help a bit as well. Colored with Spectrum Noir markers.

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