Saturday, September 10, 2011


It's quiet. A little football on the television.  A great graphic blog on my browser.  A little Words with Friends on Facebook.  And Pinterest.

I am pretty sure Pinterest has surpassed every website other than Etsy for inspiration.  I can get lost for hours on Pinterest and following links.  Wonderful quotes, awesome recipes, amazing refinishing, decorating, reuse, you name it.

As for actually making something?  I made name pendants for my nurse, myself, and the door to our office.  All of them have a little bling.  The school mascot is shown on our name ones.  Of course, mine I had to actually put the name of the school because I don't want to be mistaken for a UF Gator fan.  lol  (Yes, I removed the school name.)

I also prepared 16 - 4.25 x 5.5 mini pages to print out and add to a journal.  They turned out so well.  I used some free graphics from Graphic Fairy and some images from digikits I purchased at Scrapbook Graphics.  I set the pages up with the double border lines and then set most of them to overlay for layer properties.  By the time I'm finished with the book, it will have 128 pages (front and back).  I chose the scrapbook paper for the cover yesterday.  So cool!


Off for now.  Need to sew the signatures together and go pick up cash to pay for our "delivery" barbeque.  yah!

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