Friday, November 09, 2007


My friend's son has been located. He managed to find an apartment to rent and sent his mother and caseworker an email saying he found it. She still has not talked to him but is very happy he has been found. She and her significant other canceled their trip overseas during spring break so she could go look for him. Now she will go see him to help him set up instead. Thank you Lord!!!!

Chaz played soccer with the Varsity team tonight. They won. He played with the JV team Wednesday night and they won as well.

Today is BEAD DAY! Our bead order came in. I was rather surprised to see one of the strands I wanted the most I had not put on our order. Next time I guess. The amazonite is gorgeous. I'm excited to make stuff now.

I'm headed home from A's house soon. She's gone to pick up one of her kiddos.

See ya later. Maybe from the coffee shop tomorrow?

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