Monday, October 29, 2007


God is good all the time. Even in the middle of my stuff, He's good.

School is going well. Report cards come home this week. Chaz made the soccer team. He'll be alternating between the Varsity team and the Junior Varsity team. Breezy is singing with a youth band at church and they'll get to sing at the church's FunFest on Wednesday. They've been practicing hard.

I'm actually typing this entry from my laptop. Yes, once upon a time I said I'd never own a laptop and if given one, I'd sell it and buy a desktop. But over the last few months as I think about college and convenience, a laptop was looking more and more sound. 2 weeks ago today, I thought abut that vow (yes, that's what it was), I realized I needed to break the vow. So I prayed and asked God to forgive me for making the vow and broke it. A few days later, I was visiting a friend and the conversation turned to computers. I told her I was looking to buy a laptop with my tax refund check in February. She offered me a computer to use until then and pulled out a Sony Vaio laptop. As we were cleaning her stuff off the hard drive, she looked at me and asked if I would be offended if she offered me the laptop. She said she'd understand if I said no because I wanted to pick out my "own" laptop later. I accepted! This computer is so much more than anything I would have bought with my tax refund. The screen is huge! There is still warranty left on it and it's transferrable. (Already got a new battery for it) What a blessing! She's the bomb-diggity! She told me that since she uses an apple it's harder to transfer back and forth to the Windows platform. Yah! Thank you for my friend and thank you God!

Casting Crowns is coming in concert next month. A friend and I decided to go but had not purchased tickets yet. Today, I got a phone call from someone who said he had 3 tickets to the concert that were available. They had been given to him to bless someone else. Whoa! Yah! So, my friend and I and the friend who gave me the laptop are going to see Casting Crowns next month. My favorite group!

We are doing the Truth Project at the church. Last night we saw the "how great is our God" video done by Louie GiglioThis" is a great description of it by Kyle (google is your friend). WOW! God is so cool. And to think the stuff that holds us together is Laminin and it's shaped like a cross and the cross holds us to God. Dude. Way cool.

Work has been busy. But I discovered something last week that I didn't think about for the first two months of school. My computer was changed out over the summer from a full size (HUGE) monitor to a flat one. What a difference in the clutter on my desk. There is none! I moved my pampered chef pen/pencil holder to a side desk and when I come in the office, my desk is clean. It's a pleasure to come to work and see the desk empty. The days have been flying by. I'll look up at the clock and it'll be 12:20 p.m. and I wonder where the first 4 hours went! It is good!

Anyway, that's enough for now. I am wonderfully made and wonderfully blessed. I have two healthy children (one of which turned 15 last week). I have a great job that I like almost all the time. I'm part of a beautiful church that preaches God's word and reaches out to others. We have a great home, a vehicle, amazing friends and family. God is good!

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