Monday, February 12, 2007


I again attempted to contact Gulf Power concerning my bill.  I have been transferred into voice response system hell.
My email to Gulf Power:
"I do not have a current account number as I was transferring my account during the month of January and it was not completed due to MY failure to bring in a copy of the lease. 
However when I called today and attempted to get in contact with someone, I had to use your NEW voice response system. 
Since I did not have an account number, it wants me to IN PUBLIC give my social security number.
This aggravates me to no end.  I now need to drive to the office to take care of the paperwork in hopes that my power is still on and I won't be charged a service fee to reinstate service.  I truly forgot to take in a copy of the lease and my landlord gave me a copy yesterday. 
It's pretty bad when I'd rather have to go through the menu option and press buttons to get to speak to someone.  *sigh*
Onto other things....
Our washer and dryer works wonderfully.  Getting clothes dried the first time through is a novel approach to laundry!  LOL
My tax refund came in.  Chaz bought a Nintendo Wii.  Breezy got a digital camera.  Both are the bomdiggity!  I liked Breezy's so much, I bought the same camera. 
Chaz and Breezy went to WinterJam on Saturday.  They had a blast.  Breezy took tons of pictures.  She got great pictures of the lead singer of Hawk Nelson who she thinks is the best.
I, on the other hand, chose to stay home this year.  My intent was to visit the local flea markets/thrift stores to see what I could find.  After the first one though, I decided I needed a haircut.  Made a quick call to the lady who usually cuts my hair and she could get me in.
By the time I left, I had a new hair cut and hair color!  She mixed the loveliest shade of golden/red.  It's gorgeous!  I feel like a new person when I look in the mirror!  I may have to take a pic and let ya see too.
Saturday night was the singles get together.  We played Apples to Apples.  What a great game.  It's meant for up to 10 players, but we played with 21.  We made teams of 2 (and one team of 3) to play.  The interaction was amazing.  Best get together in forever for us.
I also volunteered to host a movie night sometime in the next month or so.
Anyway, nuff for now. 


LizzieJoy said...

Redheads Rule!! :)

Holly said...

Hi, I'm doing a research project on blogs in the Pensacola area. Would you mind e-mailing me? Thanks in advance! Holly

Deb said...

Yep, redheads rule!