Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We had a great Christmas.  Just the kids and I for Christmas morning.  It was quiet.  Breezy got skirt, sweater, tights, camisoles, necklace, and gift card.  Chaz got cardigan, boxers, the new Switchfoot vinyl album, and Zelda Skyward Sword game for the wII.
The afternoon was spent with friends.  Dinner.  Playing 313.  Much laughter.  :)

Today, Chaz and Breezy are headed to Ft Pickens for a birthday celebration with a friend from Blue Ridge.  I got to meet their friend the other day when they came by to pick up Breezy to spend the day.

New Years will be spent with family less Chaz.  He's going to meet up with his girlfriend (via Greyhound) then they are off to watch the fireworks in Downtown Disney.  Bet that will be amazing, huh?

I've got dishes to put away and laundry to do today.  A bit of FB.  Been doing some praying for friends in need of prayer.  It is good.

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