Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jardin en fleurs by Louise Scraps

Lovely kit! The floral pieces here are gorgeous! Would be wonderful with little girls or big girls! :) I think my favorite color in this kit was the warm orange!  I'm desperately wanting some warm weather right now! :)

Journaling reads:  "This is my Sweet Pea Freya.   I also call her "The Lidda-dog.” 
When she was a puppy, I came out of the shower one day and
couldn't find her.  I finally stood in  the center of the apartment
and started singing "Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone"
& she came running.  To this day she still comes when I sing that."
Journaling reads:  Finding a camel tied up outside the local Sonic next to our church was pretty surprising! While they wouldn't let Chase and Brianne any closer, I just had to have this picture.  Definitely a PRICELESS moment!

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