Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

We are going into 2011 with new kitties!  We are so excited.  I even scrapped it!

To anyone who happens by here, may 2011 bring you all the desires of your heart.  May you draw closer to God (as I hope to).  Be safe this evening!

I'll be delivering luggage and Chaz and Breezy will be at a friend's home with her 2 girls and a couple more people to celebrate together.

Thanks to the generosity of a man and his wife from Tennessee, we have TWO fur babies instead of one.  We are so grateful for that generosity.  Because of it, we got Merlot.

Journaling reads: “About two months ago, our kitty, Sammy, was killed while he was outside in the yard. Sammy had always been an indoor/outdoor cat because he had been a stray. He was a sweet cat. And a wonderful mouser considering he had been declawed before we got him. 
About a month ago, Brianne, Chase and I decided it was time to get a new cat. So Bri and I made a visit to the local Humane Society. We checked out all the cats but our favorite was Pickles. Pickles, as you can see in the photo, is a long haired gray kitty. She currently has a lion cut. However, we could not get her at the time because we just didn’t have the funds. Liz, the director, told us if we were to have her, she’d be here when we came back. We left with the intent of coming back to get her.
Two weeks later, Chase and I went back to see if Pickles was still there. She was but there was someone interested in her and they planned to take her home that day. Instead, Chase and I checked out the older kitten room. There we discovered Merlot. Merlot followed me all over the room. He was so sweet. And, black cats are difficult to adopt so Chase and I decided he’d be a great addition to our family but again, the funds were not available. 
Today, the funds were finally available! Brianne and I went to the HSOP to pick up Merlot if he was still there. When we got there, Pickles was there! Yahoo! We immediately decided to get her. I took Bri back to show her Merlot and felt so bad that we would be leaving him behind. 
While we were out front filling out paperwork for Pickles, I joked with the man filling out the papers about a “Buy One Get One Free Offer.” Oops, no BOGO offers. I told him we’d be back for Merlot.
A few minutes later, a man who was there with his wife, son, and daughter-in-law, tapped me on the shoulder and said he’d like to pay for our other kitty! I was stunned. And in tears! He handed me the meney and we started the paperwork for Merlot. 
Isn’t God so cool? We have desperately wanted a kitty since Sammy disappeared. We wanted to give a home to an older cat which both Pickles and Merlot are. And we wanted a black kitty since they are so hard to adopt. 
We start 2011 with two beautiful new members of our family.”
Digiscrap kit by Trixie Scraps (Defining Me) and word art by Word Art World (Moments).  Both are available at Gotta Pixel.

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