Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have my computer back. Wait, you mean it was gone?  Alas, yes.  The wireless card went out on my laptop.  The tech at my local BBuy told me the computer would be gone a month!  I took my laptop home, downloaded everything off of it (just in case), and drove to the Spanish Fort BBuy on Saturday.  They told me it would be back in two weeks so I left it there.  It took 11 days for it to be repaired.  That includes the time for shipping, work and return.  Beats the heck out of a month!

EP had their band retreat over Spring Break.  It was nice down time.  The kitchen, living room and porch areas had been renovated and were lovely.  Even got to go on a boat ride to see nesting hawks.  Too bad the camera didn't cooperate.  Kids got plenty of work done.

ReImagine Warrington turned out great.  There were several bands, three or 4 dance/drama teams, food, manicures, haircuts, games for the kids, food and clothing giveaways.  What a joy to be part of what God is doing in our city.  I got some great shots using my camera.

I jerry-rigged my camera to get the flash to work.  The focusing takes longer as does the time it takes for the flash to recharge.  I desperately need to get a good working camera.  I'd really like to have something that I can change lenses on and use filters.

I'm having surgery on my left knee in July after summer school.  I have a small tear to my meniscus.  The pain is extreme some days and milder on others.  I just want it fixed before I don't have the option.  With our "new" healthcare nightmare, I probably won't be able to get it within 2 years.  Really sad.

Still loving our new church.  We've been there for 8 months now.  Time seems to be flying.  I love how Pastor J.P. starts the morning with "hello church, welcome to liberty."  I love that he prays for the other pastors in the area and for their services before we get started.  The visuals are still great and leave a lasting visual in my mind.

Both Chaz and Breezy had good report cards.  They both had mostly As and Bs with a couple Cs each.  I'm grateful Chaz is off probation for his scholarship.

Last summer, Chaz and Breezy went to the YMCA CVC camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Chaz was not pleased that Breezy got to go too.  But when they came back, their relationship had totally changed.  Prior to the trip, they argued or fought about stuff constantly.  They are closer now, more apt to encourage one another.  There is still a competitiveness between them athletically but otherwise, it is so much better.  Thank you Lord for growing them both.

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