Friday, April 30, 2010

My nephew came through his knee reconstruction with flying colors. Praise God!  

He was on a roll though with the one liners.

"Do you think they will give us a family discount?"  This is the 2nd time in 16 months he has had his ACL replaced in his knee and this time they had to fix the meniscus as well.  In January, my sister had to have a plate and 10 pins put into her ankle.

"Man, ice cream would be good."  When told it would probably curdle, he said "it will still taste like ice cream going in."

His recovery was much faster than last year and he was able to get himself into the car to go home and onto the crutches to get in the house this time without having assistance.  Last year, we had to half carry him in!

I hung out with he and my sister until a little after 7 this evening.  She made dinner for us.  It was yummy.

The ride home was nice.  I went through Gulf Shores on the way home and stopped at Books-A-Million to pick up the 4th book in the Dragon Series by Chris D'Lacey.  I've been reading the series from the school library.  I'll donate the book to the library when I finish it.

I'm glad to be home though.  My own bed.  Yah.

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