Tuesday, February 02, 2010

God is Good

The year started most interestingly. Our church participated in Awaken21, a call to a 21 day fast for our nation, world, city, families, churches. We started with a Daniel fast but had to modify it after 3 days for various reasons. It wasn't perfect but it was good. It was the first fast for Chaz and Breezy. I think there was some breakthrough for all of us.

Chaz will turn 18 this year. He still has not gotten his learner's permit but now has extra incentive. He has been given a truck. Tomorrow, the title will be signed over to me so I can get it registered and insured. Chaz will get his learner's permit next week or the week after and when he turns 18, he will get his license and start driving he and his sister to school. I will add him to the title then and eventually, he will have the title only in his name. God is so awesome. Our friends are amazing for being willing to listen to God and give him the truck. What a blessing!

My kids have changed so much over the last year. They have such a heart for God. They started in children's ministry when they were still part of children's ministry. Now they are part of a band and have a real live album. Their cd release concert was this past Sunday and it was amazing. There are 10 young people in the band and it gives new meaning to the term "big band!" LOL They are so talented. I love these kids!

WinterJam is next weekend. We all will have the day off. We're going to sit outside the Mitchell Center all day to be sure we get in. We'll have pizza delivered for lunch. Walk down the hill for bathroom breaks. Take a football and soccer ball for entertainment for the kids. It is good. The bands? Third Day, Newsong, Newboys, Tenth Avenue North, Side Walk Prophets. It is good.

Week after next, both Chaz and I will have Ortho appointments for our left knees. We'll see what happens.

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