Saturday, December 05, 2009


I remember when I used to post several times a day every day. Of course, I was bi-polar/maniac depressive and angry at everyone and everything.

I was thinking about those first 2 years of blog entries yesterday as I was talking to my nurse. I can't even read those first two years worth of entries now. They are permeated with hate and anger at my ex and the world. Profanity abounded.

I am so grateful that God has cleaned up my mouth and changed the song in my heart. You realize how much you have changed when you get hurt. You go from saying "#@$%^ @##$" to saying "poop" or something else slightly less offensive. Yes, that's what I said when I hit the metal medication cart in my office. "Poop!" I actually cut my elbow and had to have help to get the coban around it to wrap it. The kids got a laugh out of it.

Chaz and Breezy are going to watch the Bama/Gator game today. Chaz is going to one household and Breezy will probably watch it with me.

I have through Facebook recently gotten in touch with a friend from Japan. She and I went through base indoctrination at Atsugi together. We hung out every day until the hubby got to Japan and then only hung out a couple times a month. She was such a great friend. She came to visit us while we lived in San Diego and then we lost contact. We have had some marvelous conversations catching up. Somehow, someway, the kids and I are going to go up and see her in Washington State. The kids will probably go visit their grandma while we are there.

Time to get around. I have got to clean the kitchen and put away some boxes so we can put up the Christmas tree. (All the shopping for the kids was done from a comfortable chair using the internet.)


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