Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow! almost 2 months without a post. I'll start with this:

Fall in Love with Lonesome Prairie!

It has been a good 2 months. We are still at the Foley campus. Empty Page's cd has gone off for mastering. Should everything else go as planned, they'll have a cd by the end of December! We have started pre-selling the cds.

Breezy has finished playing volleyball. For a short time she was playing nearly 5 hours of volleyball a day!!!

Chaz and Breezy are both playing soccer. They had games tonight. They are now in Panama City for a birthday party. Yah.

I am sitting here watching Star Trek and uploading cd's onto my laptop. Yes I got a new laptop. The old one has a trojan horse that I cannot get off without reformatting. I managed to save all my data fortunately. I even "skinned" the new one. It's beautimous!

It seems that twittering at 140 characters at a time has left me wordless for anything longer at the moment. How strange. Speechless on my blog.

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